“I Have A Dream”

What a person does is more important than what a person thinks . Why ? Because I believe anybody can think about doing stuff but they really won’t do it. I believe it’s important what a person does because anybody can think about being a president but only few people take the first of trying to the president also a lot of people think they about it and they step up to the square but only few people do .

For example there’s 2 guys talking , there both saying they want a new truck , but we all know the one guy in the white shirt doesn’t even have money to pay the rent , therefor I would rather see actions than words.Another example I remember , long time ago I seen two guys arguing at H-E-B they were both Africans and we know how they are big mouths. Both of them were saying stuff but only one was willing to fight because he was the only one that trough a punch.What I’m trying to say is that actions speak louder than words , people want to see actions just not talk . What a person does is more important than what a person think 100 times more .

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