Active Listening Case Study

The morning of the presentation, lassie’s son becomes ill and she won’t be able to make the presentation. She gives De call and tells him that he will need to make the presentation without her. While lacked is explaining where the latest version of the presentation is, De starts thinking bout what attire he should wear and how he might open the presentation.

She tells De to ensure he checks the date to make sure he has the latest version of the presentation which would allow time for the new client to ask questions. De assures her that he will be K. When De arrives at the client’s office, he realizes he doesn’t have the latest version of the presentation.

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De doesn’t panic’ he Just uses less of the presentation and adds information on his own. This took more time than allotted and only allowed the client to ask one question. When De gives Jackie an update on how the meeting went, she is upset.

Responses: What recommendations would you make to De to improve his listening skills? There are four requirements for active listening. They are intensity, empathy, acceptance, and a willingness to take responsibility for completeness. It is obvious that De did not give his full attention to Jackie when she was explaining what he needed to do to pull off the presentation.

My recommendations would be: 0 Keep focused on what Jackie is telling him Repeat back what he needs to do Ask questions

Have Jackie repeat what she needs What role does the speaker play in good listening skills? How the speaker communicates plays a large role in listening. They are the one that needs the information understood. The speaker needs to make sure the other party is listening and ask questions to ensure they understand. Demeanor, body motion, and how you deliver your message will determine if someone is really listening to you. It is the speaker’s Job to keep you engaged.

How would you reconfigure Jackie and Deed’s conversation to produce a different and otter result?

Jackie should have asked if De was available to help her out with the presentation Instead of telling him he had to do it. She also should have asked him to either go et the presentation trot near desk while they were on the phone or to give near a call to verify that he pick up the correct one. She should have asked De to repeat back to her what he needed to do. Jackie seemed as if she was in panic mode which could have made De uncomfortable and made him start worrying about aspects of the presentation instead of focusing on what she was saying.