Aditya Birla Case Study

Barilla Group can be traced back to the 19th century, when Seth Shivering Barilla began trading in cotton in the picturesque town of Plain in the Restaurants Desert. Through Indian’s arduous asses, the Barilla business expanded rapidly. Ditty Victim Barilla, the Group’s legendary leader, soaked up the principles by which G.

D. Barilla lived. The Group grew and consolidated its portfolio through a spate of acquisitions and Greenfield projects.

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Today, the Group is a dominant player n all of the sectors in which it operates a total revenue of approximately IIS$40 billion in year 2012 Literature Review: Source:-lanterns Company documents, Iambi Symbol: Ditty Barilla shows the sun rising over two circles – an inner circle symbolizing the internal universe of the Ditty Barilla Group with an outer circle symbolizing its external universe; and a dynamic meeting of rays converging and diverging between the two. Vision: To be a premium global conglomerate with a clear focus on each business.

Mission: To deliver superior value to customers, hardliners, employees, and society at large.

Values: Integrity (Honesty in every Action), Commitment (Deliver on promise), Passion (Energies Action), Seamlessness boundary less in Letter and Spirit) and Speed (One step ahead always) Review and Findings: Ditty Barilla Group has built an organizational structure on cultural values and explored beyond the country boundaries, it is reflecting the concept of the Indian Value of Valor to explore out in the world .

The values of Integrity defines the value of Indian culture like Lord Ram , Commitment defines the value of the high spirit that of duty we are obliged to like Prince Bunyan , Passion defines the high drive towards excellence like Slavery, Seamlessness shows Just like unity in diversity and Speed provides the virtue of Dooryard to strategically think ahead. Fred Lutheran in his book “An Evidence Based Approach Organizational Behavior” Edition 12 in Page no 53 talks about different Modern Organization Designs whereby Ditty Barilla Group reflects the Network Organization Model.