Advent Case

Advents Business Strengths and Weaknesses A. Strengths Advent Corporation was incorporated by Mr. Kloss a well-known person in consumer electronic product design and manufacturing. Mr.

Kloss, himself was the strength of the Advent Corp. , as ot was his brain behind Acoustic Research, Inc. and KLH Corporation which was known for its quality of electronic products they manufactured. OK They had a product line for home entertainment use that was slightly different from those in the market i. e.

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Advent loudspeaker, Advent frequency balance control, Advent noise reduction unit and an Advent tape deck.

OK They were making the niche products which were little less in price than the price of the other products that people consider to be of medium range. They wanted their product to reach not only to the particular group of people, they wanted it to be distributed among all the customers who believe in quality along with lower price. Advent uses the new existing technology for their products. OK B. Weaknesses Advent had a very high overhead cost.

It had limited resources and capital and with that they wanted to reach the middle tens of millions of dollars in less than 5 yrs.

The Vice-President of Sales at Advent was actively involved in making the nationwide distribution of the products through dealers across the country that were selected on the basis of their ability to sell and give proper service to the consumer.