Advice to Freshmen

Entering high school as a freshman is scary, even to those who are usually never nervous.

There’s always the issue of what table to sit at in lunch, who to talk to during classes, and trying to get along with all the new classmates and teachers. However, there are steps to make any high school experience nothing less than enjoyable. So, even though high school may seem impossible to overcome, it is easily manageable if you maintain a good work ethic, participate in school events and clubs, and step outside of your comfort zone. Even though most people don’t want to think about it, the grades obtained in high school affect what future choices a person can have. With these consequences in mind, it goes without saying that it’s important to stay on top of assigned work and to listen during class.

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No one ever wants to be that person that writes several page essays the night before and gets only passing grades. The end goal for high school is to get the best grades, and the only way to do that is to finish homework as soon as possible and to not procrastinate. Not only does procrastinating lead to shoddy work, it also leads to extraneous stress that no one really needs nor wants in their lives. It feels much better emotionally and mentally to finish tasks in a timely manner. A way to avoid procrastination is to always keep a running calendar of when things are due and what your timeline of work should be. Although this schedule may be hard to follow at first, it will soon become second nature to do exactly as you write.

It is also vital to a high school career to listen to teachers when they talk, whether or not they tend to lecture instead of getting straight to the point. Dozing off during class has a dreadful payoff compared to the benefits that come with being an active listener and note taker. A smart idea is to test out different note taking methods, including abbreviating and using different colored pens, during high school and then using this knowledge in college. Thinking about college while in high school is never a horrible idea because then the connection is made that the actions made in secondary school will inevitably affect the future. While academics are an extremely crucial aspect of anyone’s successful secondary schooling career, it is essential to also be socially involved in things like school clubs, sports, and events.

Schools commonly offer a broad variety of clubs to their students, ones that are often found throughout any institute include chemistry club, writing club, drama club, and video gaming club. These few clubs prove the point that anyone with nearly any interests can find a club that revolves around their passions. The importance of joining school sponsored groups is so students can find people that enjoy the same things they do, like science and acting, and connect with each other that way, therefore making new friends. Clubs also teach critical soft skills like teamwork and communication that can be used in future careers or organizations. It’s better to try out different clubs during freshman year of high school, so once senior year rolls around being an officer, which looks superior on college applications to just being a member, is within reach.

Enlisting in school sports is imperative for many of the same reasons as joining other groups. However, the difference between a sport and club is that this form of physical activity is healthy for pupils, both physically and emotionally. Athletics give a student a way to fit the required daily exercise into their exceedingly busy schedules, that otherwise would be filled with other activities like homework or sleeping. On the other side of things, sports allow students to form a team that acts like a family, both inside and out of the actual time of practice and performance. This family supports each other when everything is going smoothly and when hardships are present.

Bonds like those formed with sports teams make the stressful years of high school much more pleasurable, in comparison to dealing with things alone. Sports that are easy to jump into for the first time freshman year are the athletics like cross country, cheerleading, or soccer. The sports, obviously depending on the school, tend to be more welcoming than some of the others. Another significant part to secondary school is participation in school events. These events can range from dances to sporting events to theatrical performances.

If at all possible, every schoolchild should try to make it to all of the above, in order to be able to receive the entire adventure that high school offers. A vital thing that every person should know is that it is not outlandish to attend these events, especially dances like homecoming and prom, with a group of classmates instead of a distinct partner. This is especially true if it would make the experience uncomfortable, therefore ruining otherwise pleasant memories. As a whole, while school itself is essential to focus on, having a social life shouldn’t be put to the side for both academic and emotional stability. Additionally, to entirely appreciate the time spent in high school, a person must step outside of their comfort zones. Even though it may start off as awkward, the rewards for being courageous are limitless.

Ways to “step out of the comfort zone” consist of doing things like enrolling for classes that are interesting and not of the norm, talking to a variety of people, apart from the traditional group of friends, during class, and trying new sports. The most prevalent outcome of taking risks is making new companions, while other positive consequences include becoming exceptional at unfamiliar activities and earning good marks on a college resume. Very rarely do efforts to venture out of ordinary restraints go unnoticed, meaning the high majority of people will encounter some kind of compensation for being daring. As long as every high schooler attempts to retain an attentive ear, participate in school related organizations and events, and act in ways that aren’t considered routine for them, secondary school doesn’t have to be a chore, but rather a pleasurable experience. These guidelines, however, can be adjusted accordingly to the student who follows them.

A high schooler’s way of dealing with their courses, friends, and social life is what makes everyone unique and what makes high school much like the real world. In the real world, everybody acts and makes decisions differently, therefore having varying experiences that result from their choices. In saying this, every student must gauge for themselves how to get through their high school career as delightfully as possible.