November 11, 2010Dear Mr. Lipscomb,I am a senior and participate in multiple activities. I’m involved in the school and take pride in being a Warhawk. Although I enjoy my school’s atmosphere, I feel there’s always room for improvement. This year I have FSO in the morning and park in the faculty lot.

Although this privilege keeps me from scavenging for the last parking spot, it has a disadvantage. At 9 am, all the side doors lock and refuse me or any student entrance. I think this policy is unnecessary and should be changed to 10 am (except for special days).In the short time we’ve been in school, I’ve already been locked out of the building four times. It may not seem like many, but it is aggravating to walk around the entire premises just to get to class. The advantage of parking in the faculty lot has turned into a hassle for those students upon arriving late.

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I realize the motive to lock all side doors at 9 am is strictly for safety precautions, and not punishment for tardy students. However, I feel it’s just as unsafe to force kids to go around the building, especially as we head into the frigid winter months. The administration is worried about intruders or anything harmful outside the school. If that were true, then those same hazards would be outside as students walk around, making it just as dangerous. During the WKCE testing, juniors and seniors arrived for fifth hour around 11:55.

I assumed the doors would be unlocked those days, if any, because we were instructed to arrive late. Shockingly, the entrances were locked again, even on a special day. This further frustrated me, and I found myself wanting to seek out change.As the administrator of the buildings and grounds, I assume you’d want to hear the concerns of students. I hope you understand my point of view regarding this issue, and do everything in your power to make the experience of the 1,200 students at North campus better.If you’d like to give me feedback about this issue, you can contact me.I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and hope you take my thoughts into consideration.Sincerely,Amanda