Agency, program, or community mission and vision: This Agency is a community based organization was registered in 2003 and its main mandate is to initiate projects, processes and procedures promoting the welfare of the community. The organization has established networks with other community groups and government institutions. We have previously engaged in community charity work, training seminars on sanitation and reaching out to the poor and the vulnerable in the society. The mission of the organization is to mitigate the ravages of events causing discomfort to the community at large while the organization seeks to be the leader in promoting national healing and cohesion through its vision.

Sector of Classification: The organization under the Social sector is proud of our communities in general and aware of existing challenges facing us. As a result, the organization is determined to fight developmental drawbacks amongst ourselves and also mindful of the power of common purpose and the challenges of disunity in the contemporary society in which we live.The program will offer a housing assistance program through Support Services of Domestic Violence Homeless Shelter under an organization called ‘InterAct’ to clients that are currently seeking shelter at that specific shelter. After meeting with the Director of InterAct, Dr. Jane Doe, on behalf of the organization and again based on an interview with the affiliates of the same, it was discovered that the program really needs a Housing Assistance Program. This is a program that provides two full time positions of Housing Shelter Case Managers.

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Moreover, the organization needs operating costs, and first and last rent deposits, utility hook up deposits, and security deposits for families exiting Homeless to facilitate the Domestic Violence Shelter program in making transition into permanent housing. The organization saw a possibility in counteracting domestic violence as it was deemed a choice which can be averted. The ravages of domestic violence form a wide scope and therefore the program seeks to establish mitigating measures to homelessness as one of them.The shake ups that are realized in our societal life and the entire economy justify a project of this nature that seeks to mitigate the problems caused by domestic violence. The center headed by Jane Doe hosts a beehive of activities which aim at providing better housing.

Basing on the statistical data of 2008 on North Carolina, a number of 45 victims would be considerably low if this center was the only offering these services. Providing housing assistance aims at ensuring the welfare of all in the domestic violence shelter homeless program including the staff. Efforts could also project more in hosting even a bigger number than this or even extent the period of stay (Michael & Greer, 2004).The consequences of domestic violence are far reaching and a big blow to the society. The effects of domestic violence cannot be deemed to be a loss to the parties directly involved but a careful look into the matter highlights issues which are of national importance.

The efforts in the program are therefore thought to promote national peace and cohesion. It is believed that a State experiencing a good policy of peace and neutrality at all levels is in a good position of development and making progress in all sectors, socially, economically and politically. Making North Carolina a stable state will not only require focusing on coming up with new strategies of development but also would require getting involved in such projects that will eliminate any issues derailing the process.Providing housing to homeless victims of domestic violence is therefore believed to be a feasible and viable project whose benefits are by and large. These social issues that affect the country’s economic independence will thus be eliminated by such like projects.

This is why such a Community Project needs financial resources to make it possible to perform the work of the organization. The manifestation as well as the achievement of the mission relies entirely on the financial health of the organization which is thought to save the country a lot of expenses later.Description of Program: The program is seeking funding for a Housing Assistance Program as a way of dealing with the consequences brought about by domestic violence. Domestic violence has cost our society a lot because the victims have been incapable of functioning normally within their locations brought about by homelessness through domestic violence. Domestic violence takes many different forms.

It can be described as an illness and a disease that will possibly inflict all people at least at one time in a lifetime. Domestic violence can affect friends, relatives and even a co-worker. While InterAct Domestic violence homeless shelter caters for 45 women and children inclusive, plans would be initiated to increase the number.How the program will maximize the target population’s access and utilization of program: Our organization will also engage in a preliminary study that will ensure that the people who are admitted in the program really need these services. The study will involve a thorough scrutiny of the records of InterAct Domestic violence homeless shelter.

Ultimately, we seek to get permission from the local authority prior to conducting the study. We will together with the local governing authority of each region make sure we reach out to the victims of domestic violence. We will also engage the entire public in sourcing for support through advertisement highlighting domestic violence homeless shelter program.How service is unique and innovative: We believe that this is an outstanding service as it seeks to empower the poor and the vulnerable in attaining stable lives which will make them productive and support the Country’s economy. Domestic violence disorients the victims making them unstable (Michael & Greer, 2004). We intend to indemnify these victims henceforth.

Target population of this program: The population targeted in this program will be people of North Carolina who have faced domestic violence in their life time and already in the domestic violence shelters. In 2008, about 131 individuals in North Carolina were murdered by people who once were a part of a loving family as reported by the Attorney General of North Carolina. Of these, 76% (99) were women. The US justice department statistical analysis showed that 33% of the victims were victimizations from members of the family. Crimes of violence dropped marginally from 0.4983% in 2000 to 0.

4802% in 2007. A number of these victims however are troubled by the stress of the faltering economy which may amount to elevated rates of crime, specifically for domestic crime (McClinton, 2009). These events have led to the emergence of the domestic violence homeless shelters program which helps these victims to some extent.Number of clients we anticipate serving: The residential program provides shelter, counseling, and case management services for up to 45 women and children at any given time. Residents are allowed to stay in the program for a maximum of 8 weeks.

Making reference from the information got from Dr. Jane Doe, our project is expected to deal with close to the same number of 45 victims exiting from the domestic violence shelter in 2 months time period.As aforementioned, the project seeks to provide housing assistance to the domestic violence homeless shelter and the entire fraternity. We intend to deal with the current number of 45 and begin expanding to reach a number of even 100 individuals although will not be limited to this. It is anticipated to deal with this number initially which can even reach a high figure.

We are initially engaging in the program for the next two years while making a commitment of providing assistance at the end of each 2months; that is, 6 times a year.We focus on the provision of the following services initially to the affected families for the next two years:Particulars (No. of families/victims)Rate/ family ($) (labor and other expenses inclusive)Total ($)-At the startFrequency (after every 2 months for two years)Grand Total ($)-At the endFirst Month Rent/DepositsFirst & Last Month/DepositsUtility hook up depositsSecurity depositsOperating costsAdmission and termination procedures: Total compliance to our organization’s policy as stipulated in the services descriptions section is a pre-requisite to the assistance that is to be offered by the organization. The termination of these services can be put in force if the domestic violence homeless shelter falls short of these requirements as stipulated in the organization’s constitution.State department Supported by our project: Our organization does this while supporting the efforts of the North Carolina Department of Social Services.

Measureable client/user outcomes anticipated: the organization does not only seek to provide reactive measures to domestic violence but also does this with the intentions of providing pro-active measures as well. The program therefore has a long term goal in reducing the government’s spending on carrying out special programs of rehabilitating domestic violence victims which are deemed very expensive.Strategies for achieving the outcomes: The strategies for attaining desirable outcomes will therefore include taking information from the current records on existing housing challenges like housing capacity, frequency of service delivery, number of victims left out due to lack of enough housing facility in a particular admission period and may be the admission trend determining the establishment of these housing facilities. These factors are thought to be useful in monitoring the effectiveness of our project.As a way of determining the progress of the project, reference will always be made on current comfort and safety of housing facility taking into consideration the aforementioned factors from the previous developments.

This data shall be well presented in charts and graphs to keep record of the progress being made.The follow up that the agency will do to determine the long term impact of the project: by way of making follow ups, the finance records of the organization will thoroughly be audited by a reputable auditing firm to ensure no funds are misappropriated and that transparency and accountability is maintained. Generally, this project will make use of a quantitative instrument of survey which will act as a guideline for the organization as those housed in the center will be required to freely express their satisfaction with the program services by filling in the survey instrument. Leedy and Ormond (2005) assert that a quantitative research project takes into account either making an identification of the characteristics of an observable fact or may be making an exploration of the possible relations that exists between several observable facts or phenomena. This survey instrument is therefore expected to give a precise feedback on the progress of the project.

Required facilities, equipment, and other resources necessary for the implementation of the project and the agency’s access to these resources: In an effort of realizing full implementation of this project, the organization requires enough land as well as the purchase of the construction materials and equipments. The organization will also be required to acquire transport facilities to and from the premises. Since the organization deals with a variety of projects, it does not possess tangible resources of a particular nature. The organization there gets access to these materials by contracting companies and other organizations for the provision of the same. What is left for the organization to do is the coordination of these resources to serve the intended function (Raimond, 1993).The agency’s ability to provide this service if (STATE) funds are not available: In the event that the State funds are not available, then the group will engage in reaching out to Companies and Organizations with paper documents to source for the funds.

Though it could be a difficult process, there will be no choice left. The organization’s commitment surpasses any challenge of whatever nature. Like in the past, we would sell the idea to other agencies, organizations or stakeholders like the Z Smith Reynolds Foundation, the United Nations (UN), and Wayne County Community Foundation among others for support. However, due to the nature of their activities we cannot fully on them but will have to initiate other sub-projects to collect funds for the main projected intended (Neuman, 2006).How the proposed project will be cooperatively or collaboratively managed with other organizations: Meetings are of great importance and therefore needed to keep the project on track.

Therefore we intend to hold monthly meetings to discuss progress made and the way forward. The institutional capacity will comprise a chairperson, one vice chairman, a Treasurer, the organizing secretary and two secretaries to the committee. The chairman is expected to preside over the meetings whilst being assisted by the vice chairman. Other members in co-ordination will include a Principal Recipient (PR) and a Local Fund Agent (LFA). Fiduciary arrangements in the organization promote high standards of responsibility and accountability and will be very crucial in our meetings.

The two individuals in the management play a very significant role in this; the Principal Recipient (PR) and the Local Fund Agent (LFA). The PR is takes on the responsibility of financial management as well as the implementation of the project including receiving and disbursing funds to sub recipients, overseeing and carrying out procurement and reporting on progress to the LFA. With these matters put in place, we anticipate good organization and corporation with this kind of leadership. Members are highly encouraged to participate in meetings (Raimond, 1993). Homelessness as a result of domestic violence has been of concern to the entire State. Many organizations have therefore come up with the idea of mitigating the problems of the victims of domestic violence; one of them being housing issues.

Such organizations are such like the Affordable Housing Coalition of Asheville and Buncombe County. Coalition agency members’ resources and talents in this organization have been used together with the Buncombe/Asheville community to enhance a variety of options on affordable accommodation promoting self-sufficiency and safe individual as well as family neighborhoods. Similarly, the Hospitality House of Asheville has played a significant role in working with individuals breaking the homelessness cycle by offering a continuum of services. This is realized through reaching the people in the streets to transitional accommodation in a manner to promote dignity and self establishment. Such efforts as discussed above including others propagated by Carying Place Incorporated (www. and Freedom House, Inc among others have given some hope of living to many people across North Carolina. Despite drawing some criticism, the programs have lifted the lives of many. It has been said that these programs alienate the victims from their offenders instead of solving the problem of domestic violence. All the same, the programs have made the hopeless without a home living out in the streets to have safer and at least help them to recover the loss realized from domestic violence. In such centers, the victims have been able to reorganize themselves and contribute positively the economy of North Carolina.

Making reference to these programs, it is anticipated our project will bring insurmountable positive experience to the victims of domestic Violence in North Carolina.