Alcoholism case study Notes

Lifts indicate low probability of significant diseases Abnormal results provide info in the identifications of the type of liver disease.

Provide info on the prognosis of the patient, in particularly the survival time in both chronic and acute disease Blurring concentration – normal production in adult is 450 smog per day Normal concentration – less 20 mol/L Abnormal concentration – above 50 mol/L Injection of thiamine (vitamin 81) Definitions

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Mallory bodies – an accumulation of championship material in the cytoplasm of damaged liver cells in certain forms of cirrhosis. Polysaccharide – white cells of the blood that have a nucleus of an irregular and varied shape. Form 70-70% of all Unite cells. Macromolecular – presence of small nodules that have somewhat coarser appearance than granular tissue Hypocrite (Parentally cells) – the main cell type n the liver. A large cell that is important for the metabolic function including: synthesis and storage of biochemical products; detoxification of poisons and unwanted substances; and the manufacture of bile.