american illusion

“The ones who live for themselves find it easier to follow their dreams.” — Ran Mohan Growing up and getting the white picket fence, wrap around porch and a newly remodeled kitchen is a pretty accomplished feeling, I’m sure. But what happens when you wake up one morning and realized, “What does any of this stuff mean?” The answer: absolutely nothing. Even as a teenager, I know that the “American Dream” is basically a nightmare. You waste your whole life impressing people you don’t like with things you don’t need. Then you have a midlife crisis.

You realize how empty you feel and that you need to meditate or buy a Ferrari. But honestly, we both know that it all started when you were at the crossroad of being happy or being “happy”. Instead of doing what others want and expect you to do, do for yourself. In the end, isn’t that what matters? Your own happiness is 100% more important than anyone else’s. All in all, my “American Dream” doesn’t exist.

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I believe in dreams, yes, of course, but I believe in following your OWN dreams. The status quo doesn’t mean anything when you’re dead. Does it matter if you had the latest Louis Vuitton or granite countertops? No. What matters is your mark.

You want to leave a mark on the world. Without a mark, no one would remember you. Dreams in general are very important to me. I have a dream of moving to London or Australia and being happy with just a few dollars, the clothes on my back, and being fearless. But the world is ruthless and one day, I’ll be sucking in the nightmare. I’ll have to get married and have a job and raise a family.

No matter how much I hate it, it’s what will happen. Knowing that’s what I’ll live to deal with is heartbreaking. My dream is freedom. My dream is integrity. My dream is life itself. What is your dream?