America's Greatest Needs

America has an abundance of serious needs. Most of them are the material needs of individual people. However, the intangible needs are just as great. I believe that some of America’s greatest needs are for kindness and compassion, two qualities that much of America sorely lacks. In order to have a chance to meet America’s material needs, we must first tackle the challenge of working towards becoming kind and compassionate.

Active kindness and compassion have the possibility to unite people. To be compassionate and actively kind, we must endeavor to understand another’s perspective. Understanding helps people get along together which in turn leads to a more enjoyable life. If we were able to understand what life is like for others, we might be more invested in their success. And, when we understand each other or at least try to, we can help each other to succeed rather then all fend for ourselves.

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I am part of my high school’s Committee for Social Inclusion, and as a group we reach out to help other students develop kindness and compassion. We do this work through building communication skills and helping the students be aware of the others around them and how they effect each other.Kindness is not only helpful to those at which it is directed; being kind makes people feel better about themselves. When we are kind, we pave the way somewhat for those who will come after us by creating a culture of positivity and compassion that everyone can benefit from. When I think about what America needs most, things such as “jobs” and “housing for the homeless,” immediately come to mind.

As I think more though, virtues of kindness and compassion are what I find myself thinking that America needs most. When these characteristics and qualities are used and shared, it can lead to solving some of the material problems American does indeed have. Kindness and compassion, in each one of us, can change and help not only our country, but the world as well.