An Evaluation of the Marketing Strategy of Nestl Yorkie Chocolate Bars

The aim of this piece of coursework is to evaluate the marketing policy of Nestl� to market Yorkie chocolate bars. I will conduct primary and secondary research to find out the data I need. In conclusion I will say how the marketing strategy needs to improve.The ProductNestl� is a well-established public limited company, originally Swiss formed in 1867 by Henri Nestl�, that trade all over the world. A public limited company is a company that sells stocks and shares on the stock market.

Nestl� has been part of the British culture for longer than most UK companies. A sales branch first came to Britain in 1868, just a year after the company was founded. Then the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company (which merged with Nestl� in 1905) established its first UK factory. In 1901 Nestl� followed suit. They are the world’s leading food company because they own brands such as Coffee Mate, Nescaf�, Perrier, Buitoni, Ski yoghurts, Rowntree and Wonka. Recently they have come under fire because they have given mothers in Africa special baby milk for free.

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The mothers that Nestl� gave the milk to can’t breastfeed and so the babies rely on the Nestl� baby milk and so the mothers have to buy more of the Nestl� baby milk. The mothers cannot afford this milk as they are very poor and many babies have died as a result. This has caused many people to question Nestl�’s ethics and consequently stop purchasing Nestl� commodities.The brand name is Nestl� Yorkie. This is the name Nestl� give the product to distinguish it from the other bars. It is a chunky milk chocolate bar that is sold all across the country in supermarkets, corner shops and garages.

They sell a number of different variations of the bar for instance Fruit Yorkie, Raisin and Biscuit and Honeycomb. The bar is aimed at men of about 12 – 50 who need something to ‘fill a hole’. It is a chunky, macho bar and these properties are reflected in the advertising slogan. The chocolate bar has been around for quite a long time but recently it has been re-launched with a new image and ‘New, Improved Flavour’. Yorkie’s unique selling point is that it is chunky and ‘macho’.

The bar is currently going through quite a mature part of its product lifecycle but it could slightly be going into decline because there are more and more similar bars coming onto the market and could make the Yorkie bar go into decline. To make it mature again Nestl� would have to do some more extension strategies to increases sales again. The extension strategies that Nestl� use are variations to the bar such as raisin and biscuit and honeycomb.The bar utilises the advertising slogan that is “Not For Girls”. To some people this could be offensive because it could be seen as sexist.

The phrase “Not For Girls” shows that the product is a chocolate bar for men and a lot of other chocolate is intended for women. Yorkie is a chunky and masculine so this could appeal to men. This could reduce sales for Nestl� because some women will think that because of this slogan they shouldn’t buy it. The Broadcasting Independent Commission has passed this slogan. Often the commission will say that an advert is not suitable for national broadcast. This is often because the advert is sexist or there are too much graphical content.

The PriceI searched my local newsagents, Esso Garage (Midsomer Norton), Martins Newsagents (Midsomer Norton) and Tesco (Midsomer Norton) and found out the price of Original Yorkie. I would expect all these prices to be reasonably similar because all the shops are quite close to each other and should be competitive prices. It will also be interesting to see how close the prices are to the RRP. The RRP is the recommended retail price, the price that the retailer suggests the product be sold at Nestl�.