An Increase in Academic Pressure

As a current high school junior, I am now facing the pressures that lie within the search for college. I hope to attend a great school with high prestige after high school, but I am learning that this has become an extremely difficult task. With an economic crisis in our country, jobs have become sparser and thus more competitive.

To obtain stable careers, college has become necessary and degrees from higher ranking schools are more favored. With all of this new competition within our society, high school students are forced to work harder to go to the school of their dreams. Colleges look for the overall “best” student. They want well rounded, intelligent, leaders and students who participate in clubs, community service, and extracurricular activities. Although these are positive goals to strive for, I have found that they nearly impossible. For my entire academic career I have been a very self-motivated person.

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I place academics as my top priority and I dedicate my time to ensuring that I succeed in school. However, because I’ve devoted so much time to my schooling, I have not had the time to spend on other activities such as community service. Although I am academically driven and my grades are superior, colleges do not find that enough. To be accepted into higher ranking schools, not only must my grades be exceptional, but I am expected to have vast amounts of accomplishments outside of school. With the time I spend on homework, SAT prep, and studying, I have little time left in the week to add additional activities to my schedule. The expectations for students that colleges have are unreasonable.

I have devoted so much time and effort into my schooling and I know that I am intelligent enough to attend a good college, but the system that colleges use for admitting students does not appreciate that. It is unfortunate that these extreme pressures placed on students are continuing to increase, but it is the harsh reality of the times we live in.