An Outlook from “Rebecca” ( Daphne du Maurier)

Human beings emotions are sophisticated, they are different from robots, which do not have feelings. Sometimes people have to stand between rationality and love.

When an innocent and passionate woman like Winter began to feel in a “sense of fear, of furtive unrest, struggling at length to blind unreasoning panic”(Daphne du Maurier, page5). The question of her choice of withhold the truth about her husband’s previous wife death- Rebecca is still a hot debate. Readers can completely sympathise and understand Winter ‘s choice.

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Her behaviors can be condoned for one reason: love. Yes, love- a typical characteristics of human beings. The narrator is passionate in her love, she is deeply obsessed with Maxim. She did not either care about the consequences aftermath. The narrator loves her husband for who he is, not because of his fortune, like what Rebecca had done. Started from her love, she showed clemency.

She forgives what Maxim did, she did not change the way she thought about Maxim as she believed it was over, there was no way to change it. Instead of despising, abandoning Maxim, she advocates for him, bolsteres Maxim, she has to maintain her composure as she knows she is the only one to help Maxim keep his feet on the ground. ” I would fight for Maxim. I would lie and perjure and swear, I would blaspheme and pray. Rebecca had not won.

Rebecca had lost”( Daphne du Maurier, page290). Mrs. de Winter believes love is the most powerful, strongest thing in this world that could defeat against Rebecca. When she knew about the truth, Winter showed ” no pain and no fear, there was no honor in my heart”( Daphne du Maurier, page 171). All Mrs.

de Winter scares is the lost of Maxim’s love, and if Maxim did not and never love Rebecca, she has nothing to fear. Maxim suffered a lot from Rebecca and the narrator does not want to be a second Rebecca. The reason why Maxim and the narrator converge is because both of them believe Rebecca deserved what she got. They abhor the existence of Rebecca. However, this world is not as simple as that.

Looking into different aspects, the Winter should be punished, chastened so readers could take it as a lesson as killing someone is illegal. Law binds everyone, and murder is an evil thing. It is an anathema of God. No one has the right to judged whether another has the right to live.

After all, Maxim had other choices. A lot of people fall into the same situation as Maxim, but they could figure out the solution without killing anyone. Maxim could have found evidence against Rebecca of adultery and sued her. Maxim had been so impulsive that he had lost his sanity. This action should be censured.

In contrast, Winter decides to stay silent which she should have confounded. She is so obsessed and enamored that her love has blinded her mind. Love is injustice, prejudice and human tend to keep love for themselves. Mrs.

de Winter imagines that if the truth were revealed, Maxim would be in jail. Her life is nurtured, nourished from Maxim’s love, so Maxim disappearing means she would lose everything. She is scared that one day it would happen and she could not bear it. However, she does not think about other people, she had not been fair to Rebecca because after all Rebecca is still a person and a person had a right to live. Besides, readers, Maxim and Winter had forgotten that Rebecca declared she was pregnant.

There is a lively, sacred human life waiting to be born in Rebecca’s body. Regardless of whether it was true or not, Maxim should have been concerned about killing Rebecca. As the child is innocent, it did not do anything to deserve death. By killing Rebecca, Maxim might have also killed the child. Love has stolen Winter’s sense of justice and all she does is to protect her love.

She decides to conceal the cryptic death of Rebecca in order to secure their love. Overall, love and rationality have been disputing by people. Once people are in love, they forget what is right or wrong. Everything has two sides of the problem. Although Mrs.

de Winter’s choice to withhold the death of Rebecca to protect Maxim was understandable, it was deprecated. Therefore, for the rest of her life, she can never live peacefully.