An Unexpected Reliance

Whether I like them or not, I admit that I find comfort seeing people I know in uncomfortable situations. When I say uncomfortable situations, I mean taking the FCATs, taking the SATs/ACTs, picking up my new school schedule, or just coming back to school after a long break. Once dropped off at pre-school, I would immediately be welcomed by my fellow classmates.

Never did I think that these very people would still be in my life today. I don’t think I am the only one astonished by this; however, I am the only one that vocalizes it. I remember having a “Hundredth Day of School Party” in kindergarten with kids that I am now taking the SATs with. It truly amazes me. I am aware that when I do enter college, those familiar faces will be spread about the nation. The day that I will have to comfort myself without any of them scares me.

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I do not think one can be ready for what is to come.