Analysing poems

The poems I have chosen to write about are Another life and the Lament of the Banana man. The style of writing in each poem is very different but the contents are very similar. Both poems are complaining about their new life in a place like Britain and how they wish they could be back in Jamaica.

These two poems are written by black people and they both include situations of racism. Here are my views of the two poems: -The title Another means to me a different time or place a different way of living a completely different way of LIFE.The first verse is about the happy days back in his “OLD” life. He starts off the verse with “Remembered in flashbacks particular flavours or smells” This means that he remembers the old days and remembers the life’s smells or flavours. This gives the impression that it is a relaxing peaceful place where there are no worries. This impression is crated by the use of words like “pines” “clear” “sandy” “hammock” these suggest tranquillity and paradise.

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The way the poet describes this place as if he would like to be there. This could represent somewhere like Jamaica.The next verse is about a completely different place. The poet says that this life (the life he is in now) hardly remembers about the peaceful life. He says that the streets are surrendered to traffic and police.

From those words you can already tell that this life is no way similar to his “OLD” life. This suggests that it is a hectic busy city. He then goes on to say “and as if weathers for losing tempers in or throwing up ones hands to outdoors” This suggests that he is fed up with with the weather and goes in tempers with it. He then says “the unwelcome look or abuse: being told by perfect barefaced strangers Fuck off Niger”. This is a very powerful sentence.

It gives you the impression of Racism and abuse. He uses the words “fuck off Niger” in a strong powerful way it also attacks people due to the powerfulness of the sentence.The next verse says that he goes into “hateful pathetic fits” this suggests that he gets stressed about all this abuse and racism and to nurse these hurtful feelings he remembers the old happy life. He remembers the time when his uncle stepped on an alligator bridged across a ditch he said they “pained with laughter”. This gives an impression of happiness and fun.The title the Lament of the banana man gives the impression of a sad expression of grief.

This poem/song is a follow up of the song of the banana man. This poem is written in a completely different way to the poem Another life it has got slang English in it. The poem is about a man originally from Jamaica but has moved to England to make some money.The first few lines are about the man saying he is tired and fed up of everything. It gives you the impression of depression and someone being fed up.

It could be the start of a letter home telling them about his life. The poet then goes on to talk about his job. He does this in a sarcastic way, he gives you the impression that it is great to have a free uniform and half an hour for lunch. But its not his a ticket punch and that’s not great! The poet then says that” when im tired of punchin, I let dem through” I don’t blame him it must be a very boring job to do.In the next verse he talks about his room. He again is sarcastic about it, he says “I have a room of m’own an iron bed dunlopillo under m’head,” it sounds like he is proud of his room.

I think the sarakiness of the poem attracts people.The next verse he talks about the weather he says “I’m not complainin if It col, it col, if it rainin , it rainin” Of course he is complaining the whole sentence gives the impression of complaint. The weather in England must be very different to the weather in Jamaica so he is bound to complain.The next part goes on to talk about Racism it says “I don’t mind white people starin at me, dey don’ want me here? Don’t is deir country” You can now see the similarity between the two poems they both include racism. He then says that he wont cry any homesick tears if I don’t see Jamaica for a thousand years, I think again he is being a bit sarcastic because of course he is going to miss Jamaica. The end part says that he can’t go back to Jamaica now but he wants to die there anyhow.

To me both of these poems are very sad and meaningful and bring up a lot of views the main point in each poem I think is being black, and all the racism. Both these poems have been enjoyable to analyse them.