Analysis and Business Strategies for Club Gelato: A Branded Ice Cream Parlor

Club Gelato 1.

Company Profile: Club Gelato is an ice-cream parlor offering Italian gelato with different flavors. It is a joint venture of Singapore and Bangladesh. In Bangladesh there is only one branch of Club Gelato which is in Banani 11. They take all the materials from Italy and manufacture the ice-cream over here. Club Gelato has made quite an impression on ice-cream lovers with its unique flavors, including the famed “Ferrero Rocher”.

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Club Gelato also serves gourmet coffee and delicacies such as cheese cake, chocolate crunch cake, and tiramisu.

Most of their desserts make excellent combinations with their gelato flavors. Club Gelato’s atmosphere is spacious, trendy, and comfortable. It is a favorite amongst everyone! 2. Product Profile: If anybody has a weakness for sweet, Club Gelato guarantees to satisfy him or her.

Club Gelato offers various types of ice cream, shakes, coffee, tea, cakes, and other sweet items. Gelato is a fairly new chain here in Dhaka, and so all the kinks, such as decor, are not yet worked out. However club gelato assures that the mouth-watering ice-creams will definitely make the day more cheerful with its outstanding service.

Club Gelato usually prepare soften ice-cream. For the health conscious people they have three types of sugar free Ice-ream such as Hazelnut, chocolate and coffee. They have specialty offering on Sunday.

It is open every day up to 10. 30 to 11. 30. During special events such as Eid, Valentine’s Day, Friendship day, Pahela baishakh Club gelato has more sales. They have the highest sales volume on Ferrero Rocher. 2.

1 Main Brands: Club gelato has 80 different flavors for its ice-cream. 25 flavors are displayed on everyday. Their main brands are – Ferrero Rocher Mango

Hazelnut Blue Berry Butter Scotch RIS ;amp; Latte Cotton Candy Coffee Vanilla Pistacchio Tiramisu Green Mint Black ;amp; White Sugar free Mocca Caramello Green Apple mint Chocolate Mint Yoghurt Mandarino Java chips Fruits forest Malaga Chocolate chips 2. 2 Manufacturing Process: In Bangladesh there is only one branch of Club Gelato which is in banani 11.

There business is a joint venture with Singapore and Bangladesh. They take all the materials from Italy and manufacture the ice-cream over here. 4. Marketing Strategy and Consumer Behavior 3. 1 Market Segmentation: 3. 1.

Identifying Product Related Need Sets Organizations approach market segmentation with a set of current potential capabilities. These capabilities may be are reputation, an existing product, a technologies, or some other skill set. In this Case of Club Gelato, The marketers had to find out about that certain need set that will define the perfect product for their consumer. Club Gelato has decided to provide the customers a very good environment with good taste flavor ice-cream. They are targeting a higher income people who like to taste the delicious food with good environment and service.

The consumers are used to lead luxurious life and follow westernized culture. They would mind to pay extra money for entertainment and if it is ice-cream they become more excited about it. 3. 1. 2 Grouping Customers with Similar Need Sets The next step is to group customers with similar need sets. That means the people who have similar need.

Club Gelato has identified the customers who are interested in Branded ice-cream, Good Environment and also Good service. Obviously the main theme is Taste and Flavor but Club Gelato also emphasizes on others factors also. 3. 1. 3 Describe Each Group

In this stage Club Gelato described in terms of their demographics, lifestyles and media usage.

It is necessary to have a complete understanding of the potential customers. They has identified base on their Income level. They are: 1. Upper Class People 2. Upper Middle Class People 4. 1.

4 Attractive Segments to Serve Once Club Gelato is sure we have a thorough understanding of each segment, they must select their target market. The size and growth of the segment, the intensity of the current and anticipated completion, and the cost of providing the superior value are important consideration.

Club Gelato is not for mass people. They are serving for elite class people. Mainly they emphasize on Upper class and Upper Middle Class People who love delicious ice-cream and interested to go a branded ice-cream parlor.

3. 2 Marketing Mix Modification: 3. 2. 1 Product A product can be defined as anything that can be offered to a market for attention, actuation, use or consumption that might satisfy want or need. Club Gelato is an ice-cream parlor. So we can call it service also.

There are three levels of product: • Core Product: There are many types of Italian Classic Ice-cream, Frutti Connection, Scoop nd Topping, Italian Classic Flavors, Frutti Flavors, Gelato shakes, Freezes, Granita Drinks, Cakes and Pastry, Gourmet Coffee. • Actual product: Club Gelato offers different flavors’, colorful delicious ice-cream and others, good presentation, Good environment, and also a very Good service. • Augmented Product: Gelato flavors are nicely decorated and presented in nice ice-cup, cone, waffles etc. the whole look of the ice-cream creates appetite in ice-cream lovers. 3.

2. 2Price In the market Club Gelato is considered as the Branded ice-cream parlor. Although they are not market leader but they has a strong image in consumer mind.

They are targeting higher class people so they charged premium price for Customers. Items Price The Italian Classics (Heavenly Chocolate, Pisa Tower etc) Taka 260-350 The Frutti Connection (Spring Delight, Pinocchio etc. ) Taka 260-350 Scoop and Topping Children World Taka 110 per scoop Italian Classic Flavors (Bubble Gum, Mint, Tiramisu etc) Taka 110 per scoop Italian Frutti Flavors (Melon, Mandarin, Banana etc) Taka 110 per scoop Gelato shakes (Yoghurt, Latte Macchiato etc) Taka 210 Freezes (Coffee, Cappuccino, Strawberry etc) Taka 230 Granita Drinks (Yoggi, Amarena, Orange) Taka 70 Cakes and Pastry Taka 130 to above Gourmet Coffee Espresso, Uno, duet, Latte, Macchiato, Cappuccino) Taka 130 3.

2. 3 Communication As marketing communication includes Advertisement, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Public relation and other relations that the firm provides abut itself and its product. Mainly Club Gelato emphasize on Personal selling and Public relation. An effective communication requires answering the following questions: 1. With whom, exactly do we want to communicate.

2. What effect do we want our communication to have on our target audience? 3. What message will achieve the desired effect on the audience? 4. What means ;amp; media we use to reach the target audience.

Figure: Communication Factors From the graph we can see that most of the people know the name of Club Gelato. 0% people know about Club Gelato from TV, 3% from Newspaper/Magazine, 83% from Friends or relatives, 7% from Internate or Website and another 7% people know from the other sources.

3. 2. 4 Distribution Distribution refers having the product available where target customers can easily buy it. Club Gelato does not use any Distribution Channels directly but they have a fantastic location. For these types of shop the location is perfect so that their target customer easily can go there. 3.

2. Service Service refers to auxiliary or peripheral actives that are performed to enhance the primary product or service. Club Gelato is an ice-cream parlor so it is a service providing shop which serves the consumers with various types of food. Club Gelato is dedicated to fulfill the customer’s need with good experience in a good environment. Their goal is to win the hearts and minds of their by offering superior quality service.

5. Analysis of Consumer Behavior and Eating Habit of Ice-cream Club Gelato is a perfect replica of an Italian cafe, serving posh rainbow-colored flavors of ice cream.

In our report we have focused on the survey of Dhaka City on upper and upper middle class people. We have asked to 60 people about Club Gelato. We have found the following things from the survey.

Preference Rate of Ice-cream: There is nobody who don’t like ice-cream. Mostly in summer season the consumption rate of ice-cream goes upward. We have asked whether they like ice-cream or not. The respondents gave the following responses…… 55% respondent like ice-cream very much and 45% respondents said they like ice-cream moderately. But it is a very good sign that there is nobody who don’t like ice-cream.

Marketing Strategy: The survey was done among the upper and upper middle class consumers. A large portion of this group like ice-cream very much. 45% people have moderate response about ice-cream. So, there is a big opportunity for Club Gelato to grab these portions. But Club Gelato has limited promotional activities.

To grab the whole portion of market, Club Gelato has to involve with promotional activities and increase the communication with current and potential target market. The ice-cream lovers will be attracted by delicious flavors, taste, environment which Club Gelato already has.

They only need to promote their brand and products commercially. Preference of Expediency of Ice-cream: The ice-cream lovers want to have their ice-cream in convenient way. Generally ice-cream is served in cone, cup, ice-cup, waffles etc. Consumers consider the expediency of holding ice-cream as an influential factor.

It influences the purchasing decision of the consumers. We have asked our consumers that what they do prefer to have their ice-cream in/ with. They respond positively. The maximum consumers (52%) said that they like to have their ice-cream in cone. 5% people prefer to have their ice-cream in cup.

Beside this, 13% people are saying that they like ice-cup with nicely decorated ice-cream. 10% respondents said that they love waffles to have their ice-cream. Marketing Strategy: Club Gelato offers ice-cream in cone, cup, nicely decorated ice-cup as well as waffles. They serve the ice-cream according to customers’ preference. Customers may choose anyone among the cone, cup, and ice-cup to eat ice-cream. Due to the flexibility, Club Gelato’s ice-cream is convenient and popular among the ice-cream lovers.

It is a comparative advantage for Club Gelato.

Influential Factors of Purchasing Ice-cream: Ice-cream has a seasonal demand in the market. In summer season it has higher demand. Occasionally people also eat ice-cream. We have scrutinized the factors they consider while they purchase ice-cream.

There are several factors which impacts the buying decision of consumers. They are taste/flavor, price, brand name, calorie and others. According to our survey, we have found that 73% consumers consider the taste/flavor of ice-cream while purchase ice-cream. The dominant portion of the market consumes delicious and tasty flavors of ice-cream.

They wouldn’t mind about brand name or price. And, 12% consumers consider pricing of ice-cream due to limited income.

10% upper and upper middle class consumers prefer brand name while take buying decision of ice-cream. And 5% people who are health conscious consider calorie while buying ice-cream. Marketing Strategy: A dominant portion of the target market is considers taste and flavor of the ice-cream which is 73%. Club Gelato has 82 luscious gelato flavors for their customers with decorations. Around 32 flavors are showed in display every day.

The customers are highly satisfied and appetite for eating ice-cream while watching the displayed ice-cream. It is a marketing strategy for Club Gelato. People mostly love the flavors of Ferraro Rocher, Chocolate Chips, and Butter Scotch etc. So, the special Italian flavors created the brand image of Club Gelato. It is also famous for soft gelato flavors.

All of the flavors are very tasty, soft, and delicious. So, it is an advantage for Club Gelato. To grab more customers Club Gelato has to inform consumers about different flavors they have. They need to promote their brand and product more.

Around 10% consumers consider brand name while eat ice-cream.

Among them, Club Gelato has favorable brand image which pursue them to come here. 13% consumers are concerned about price of ice-cream. So, Club Gelato should offer different types of price discount or special offer in occasion to increase the selling. Frequency of Consumption of Ice-cream: There are few people who don’t like ice-cream. Maximum people like ice-cream.

The consumption rate of ice-cream is also high due to huge seasonal demand in the market. We have asked to consumers that how frequently they eat ice-cream.

The responses are showed in the graph. We have found that major portion of the consumers around 30% people eat ice-cream 2-5 times in a week. 28% consumers eat ice-cream monthly. And 20% people have ice-cream habit less than once in every month.

15% people eat ice-cream once in every 2 weeks. 7% eat ice-cream daily who have strong preference of ice-cream. The total ice-cream market is 100% where 30% people who eat 2-5 times in a week are the dominant portion. Marketing Strategy: The target market has higher demand of ice-cream and the consumption rate of ice-cream very impressive.

It is a big market opportunity for Club Gelato to grab the customers by their various appetizing flavors.

The regular customer used to taste in different branded ice-cream parlor. Club Gelato attracts the customers with tasty flavor displays, spacious and trendy environment. Club Gelato can grab the potential customers by brand positioning and promotional activities by Italian flavors. Frequency of Visiting Ice-cream Parlor: We have asked the consumers how frequently they visit ice-cream. 10% responded that they daily go to ice-cream during summer season.

33% people go weekly in ice-cream parlor. 0% consumers visit monthly. The rest 27% consumers randomly visit ice-cream parlor. Marketing Strategy: Club Gelato has a very big business opportunity in Dhaka city as a large portion of the consumers have the habit of visiting or experiencing ice-cream parlor. But Club Gelato has only one branch at Banani in Bangladesh.

They have no other branch of Gelato. It is has made less convenient for the consumers. Move n pick has many branches in Dhaka capital. So, to attract more customers, to conveniently serve the ice-cream lovers Club Gelato should spread the branches in whole Dhaka City. Shopping of Ice-cream:

We have found from the survey that 40% consumers buy ice-cream from convenient store who have limited income.

The upper and middle class people generally prefer branded ice-cream parlor for eating ice-cream. The rest 22% people buy ice-cream from shopping mall. Marketing Strategy: Club Gelato has showroom in the brink of residential area of Banani. It is the area of elite class people. As the target market is elite class people and upper middle class people, they have come in the brink of Banani-11.

But it should widely spread into different places to catch the 32% interested people in ice-cream parlor.

Also, Club Gelato has to advertise more and more in different commercials like TV, newspaper, magazine, leaflets etc to attract the potential customers. Consumer Preference of Ice-cream: Consumers have different choices while selecting ice-cream. Some consumers like branded ice-cream. Some people like quality ice-cream in lower price. Some people don’t bother about brand.

Among the respondents, 65% people like branded ice-cream, 15% people are not bothered about brand. And 7% people like low priced ice-cream. But there was no preference for higher price ice-cream. That means consumers don’t like to pay so much money for ice-cream.

Marketing Strategy: Consumers have more trust on branded products rather than on non-branded one.

A brand has a strong influence on the consumers mind. They feel secured with the branded products. Club Gelato is a popular brand which has already created favorable image in consumers mind with Italian gelato flavors, trendy environment and other desserts. So, Club Gelato is a strong brand among the ice-cream parlors. But they are not professional.

They have only one branch in Banani 11 and limited promotions. Club Gelato should take more initiatives to fix those shortcomings. Learning about Club Gelato:

The dominant portion of the group of consumers around 83% have heard about Club Gelato from the reference group like friend circle, relatives, peers, colleagues etc. 3% people learned about it from newspaper and magazine. 7% people learned about club gelato from internet. 7% people heard about it from other sources.

It proves that the existing customers are strong marketing tools for Club Gelato. The loyal customers or satisfied customers can create more customers for club gelato. They brand name is circulated through reference group. But it has limited promotions in visual media.

Marketing Strategy: Club Gelato has to increase its presence in TV, newspaper, magazine, internet professionally to inform more about the brand and its product. Club Gelato should improve the customer service and quality of products to grab more customers and create more reference group, as they influence the potential customers strongly.

Favorite Gelato Item: We have asked the customers which gelato item they like. They have answered that they mostly like the ice-cream of different flavors of club gelato. They have more items like gourmet coffee, tiramisu, dessert etc.

But ice-cream is popular among them. From our survey, we have found 67% people like gelato ice-cream.

5% like gourmet coffee, 12% people delicacies like chocolate or cheese crunch cake, and 10% people like dessert items. But most of the people said ice-cream is more delicious than dessert items. Marketing Strategy: Club Gelato has to improve quality in dessert item. They need to do lots of researches while launching new flavors or products. Nor the experimental items will fail in the market. For example, many people don’t like dessert item, blueberry flavor of club gelato.

So, it has to gain expertise in all product line to increase loyal customers and to attract potential customers. Why People Select Club Gelato? We have asked to the consumers why they prefer club gelato. The respondents answered they prefer it for different taste and flavors. Club Gelato’s soft and tasty flavors make customers to come here. Club Gelato is preferred than Move n Pick, Baskin n Robbins etc for wide range of flavors, taste and brand image. Around 42% consumers prefer Club Gelato for delicious taste, 25% people prefer gelato ice-cream for wide variety of flavors.

3% people like Club Gelato for spacious, wide and trendy environment. 10% people come for brand images. And 8% people said their service is excellent. Marketing Strategy: Club Gelato has wide range of flavors which are very tasty and luscious. The customers have the option to choice their own flavor.

But due to less promotion, few people know about club gelato. But still it is famous for taste, flavor, spacious and trendy environment. We have asked to the manager of Club Gelato about the marketing strategy. He informed us that they are not commercial like Move n Pick, Baskin n Robbins etc.

So, they are little bit conservative in promotional activities.

The gelato flavors are only available in club gelato, not in any shopping mall or super shop to maintain quality, taste and customized services. 7. Self Concept 7. 1 Personality Test: From our survey, we have found that the consumers who eat ice-cream on average have unique personality depending on age, maturity, personality etc. People are more rugged, calm, emotional, mature, and modern.

They like club gelato due to emotional attachment with the gelato flavors. They are highly satisfied with the services.

As, they are mature, emotional, modern, they choose that sort of products which perfectly fulfill their needs. After analyzing the personality test, we have found that people like Club Gelato for different soft flavors and taste. They don’t compromise with taste of ice-cream. Though it is a low involvement product, the branded ice-cream means a lot to the consumers.

They like Club Gelato for the tasty flavors. 7. External Factors Influencing Consumer’s Mind towards Club Gelato After analyzing some aspect of Club Gelato we have come know that external factors influence the target market of Club Gelato.

Its gives a view about the target market that how Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic and socio- economic factors influence the target market. 8. 1 Demographic Factors: In demographic segmentation the market is divided into groups based on the basis of variables such as age, family size, family life cycle gender, income, occupation, education, religion, race, generation, nationality and social class.

These variables are very important for distinguishing the segments. To get a clear idea we have asked some question to know how these factors are influencing consumer behavior. 8. 1. 1 Age: Different aged people like ice-cream.

During the year the weather remains warm. So to get rid of this tiring weather people love to have ice- cream. For this reason Club Gelato has successfully grabbed the opportunity to run their business in Dhaka city. We have asked 60 people a question that ‘Do u like ice- cream’. And we have got that out of 60 people 55% have said that they like ice- cream very much and 45% have said that they like ice- cream in average.

And there was no one said that they do not like ice- cream. People of all age like ice- cream. So the market of this sector is pretty large. As age is a very important factor that influence consumer behavior.

So we have divided this factor into 5 different age groups. Which is 10- 20, 20- 30, 30- 40, 40- 50 and above 50.

From the graph we have a clear that all age group like ice- cream but the age group 20- 30 have got the most of the share which is 50%. And other groups have also a good number of shares in this factor. As this groups start their independent life and they are fun loving and enthusiastic so they visit Club Gelato most and they are also not very conscious about calorie as they will be in the age of above 30. Marketing Strategy: People of all age like to have ice- Cream. So club   Gelato is a very good place to have ice- cream.

It has also found that from the age group of 20-30 has the most percentage. Because from this age level they start their own independent life, they make their own choice. So Club Gelato can mostly concentrate to influence this group. This group of people likes to have good network with others, read newspaper or magazine. This group of people is enthusiastic so Club Gelato can arrange event which this young generation like a lot. As all the age group like Club Gelato so they should make all the people know about their special Italian gelato.

8. 1. 2 Gender: Men and women tend to have different attitudinal and behavioral orientation.

So with the sensitivity of this two we have divided these respondents into two groups- male and female. But in case of liking ice- cream and visiting the ice- cream parlor male have female have almost same level of share.

Our survey has found that 58% of female and 42% of male like ice- cream and they have also visited club gelato to have delicious ice- cream. Marketing Strategy: As it is clear from the survey that male and female both group like to visit club gelato. So both groups are important to target. Promotional activities should be performed in such a manner so that both genders are influenced.

As both group like it so they can give family offer.

Like 1 scope is free with 2 scoops. So consumer will feel more interested to come with family. They can also offers some discounts on special occasion like in the new year, on Eid, on Valentine’s day or other occasion. 8. 1. 3 Education: Education provides a person enlighten of knowledge, change the aspect of thinking and also influence all the aspect of the life.

As it has impact on likings. So it is a important factor which has great impact on the consumer behavior of Club Gelato. We have asked 60 people about visiting Club Gelato to have ice cream.

We have found that 10% of consumer is in SSC/ O Levels, 10% of the consumer is in HSC/ A Levels, 50% of the consumer is in under graduate level, 22% is graduate, and 8% remains the others. So we can come to a conclussion that most of the consumer is in under graduate level. That mean they are university going.

Marketing Strategy: Education gives us a way of living. So   the level of   education is very important factor. Here we have found that people who are in under graduate level usually visit more on Club Gelato, From our sample survey we come to know that people who are in undergraduate level usually comsume more from Club Gelato.

So strategy should be developed to influence this group seperately. So here Club Gelato can precisely focus on this group.

Like they can do person to person advertisement. As this group is university going people they can give discount cupon. Buzz marketing strategy can be also taken to target this portion of consumer. Promotional activity can also be taken for convencing other parties. 8. 1.

4 Occupation: Occupation predetermines the income level of the consumer. We have asked 60 respondents about their occupation to know about which is the most attractive target market for Club Gelato.

So the occupation of the target market of Club Gelato have segmented into five groups. Business, government job,private job, student and others. People visit ‘Club Gelato’ice- cream   parlor among them   8% is business person,   10% doing government job, 12% doing private job , 57% are students and 13% remain others.

So it is clear that considering other factors almost people from all occupation visit Club gelato but highest number of consumer is students. As beacause there are many renowned private university is around Club Gelato and students can easily enjoy their spare time having tasty ice- cream in a trendy environment.

Marketing Strategy: Marketing should concentrate more on those who can spend money to purchase the produt. That means the most attractive market to serve. Survet says that the students are more attractive group for Club Gelato.

There are many reason behind this. As students like to have time in a trendy environment. They belive to enjoy the life rather saving the money for future. Club Gelato provides this group as how they want. It offers a trendy environment where tjose group can hang out with friends and also can have a calm environment.

For this reason it is a place for them.

Club Gelato offers 82 flavors of ice- cream. So it is a very good choice for ice-cream lovers. Club Gelato can also go for mass promotional activity and arrange events where this enthsiastic group of people like to gather. It will not only attract the student it will also have a superb impact on ther group like those who do government job, private job and others.

8. 2 Sociological factor 8. 2. 1 Income: Income is a predetermined that how a product will be liked by the consumer. It gives us a knowledge hoe much affordable it is to the consumer. And which is most attractive target market for Club gelato.

From the graph we have come to a result that people having the income more than 70000 visit Club Gelato the most which is 33%. But other segments also has a good number of percentage. Like the income level less than 30000 have got 10%, 300000-40000 is 13%, 40000- 50000 have got 8%, 50000-60000 have got 20% and 60000-70000 have got 15%. As Club gelato offers deliciaous Italian Gelato. So we have not consider the people having the income level of less than 30000.

Marketing Strategy: Club Gelato offers Italian Gelato. The price of the ice- cream is pretty high as most of the people in Bangladesh belongs to middle class and lower class.

But as the price of ice- cream is high so we have consider the beginning icome from taka 30000. But through survey the result says that people having the income level more than taka 70000 is the most attractive market. Because they can spend comparative high price for quality product. So it is the most attactive market for club gelato to surve.

As the shop is situated in a very good eye place. But it is very important to make the people know about what they have. So to retain this customer group and make this group fell a part of Club Gelato they can give menbership card.

It will help for further consumption and after a certain level loyal customer of Club Gelato. But for others they can also have other promotional activities.

8. 2. 2 Reference Group: Purchasing decision is very much influenced by the external factors. Because it is not only own choice which make a person buy a product. There are other factors which make consumer know about the product and even they influence to buy the product. The result for Club Gelato is given below: 9.

Internal Factors Affect Consumer’s Mind 9. 1 Perception: The nature of the perception of “Club Gelato” can be classified into three stages. . 1. 1 Exposure: It Occurs when a stimulus, such as “Club Gelato” has kept ice-cream, coffee, deserts and other food and drink items in its retail store comes within the range of individual’s sensory receptor nerves; in the case of “Club Gelato”, it is simply vision.

Exposure can be two ways: • Random: We as customers are exposed to “Club Gelato” on a random basis. For example, while passing through the road we may all of a sudden see ice-cream decorated in the ice-cream parlor which we did not seek out. • Deliberate: Exposure might also be deliberate by customers.

For example, a person may look for ice-cream in a store when he feels the need to eat. 9.

1. 2 Attention: It occurs when the stimulus activates one or more sensory receptor nerves and the resulting sensation go to the brain for processing. Attention reveals two forms, High and Low; of which buying ice-cream from “Club Gelato” falls in to the low involvement process. For example, occasional customers; “Club Gelato” is shop for all which need maximum cost compared to other brands to purchase preferring less attention. Attention is determined by three basic factors: Stimulus Factors: It is physical characteristics of the stimulus itself.

The stimulus factors that capture the consumer’s attention to the “Club Gelato” promotional activities and the product itself.

• Size and Intensity: “Club Gelato” promotional are generally in-store oriented. In this factor, “Club Gelato” tends to prefer small leaflet and banners to decorate the major outlets. • Color: The “Club gelato” logo has eye-catching colors. The colors of the logo are yellow, blue and orange having the brand name in the top of the logo with an ice-cream. The brand name is written in yellow color.

• Position: “Club gelato” decorates the outlets in such a way to capture the visual fields of the customers.

Individual Factors: Individual factors consist of interest and needs. Needs and Interest are the primary individual characteristics that influence attention. Interest is a reflection of overall lifestyle and the ability to attend to information. Needs is reflection of long-term goals   and plans are their short-term need.

The exposure is such that they arouse an interest or need on the part of the consumer to try out the product. Individuals seek out and examine information relevant to their current needs and interest. Thus, when a person tends to eat ice-cream, he needs to attracted by the taste, flavor and status properly positioned.

Situational Factors: Situational factors don’t have a strong implication with “Club gelato”. 9.

1. 3 Interpretation: Interpretation is the assignment of meaning to sensation. The entire message including the context in which it occurs influences the interpretation, as does the situation in which the individual finds himself/ herself. Cognitive Interpretation: When the “Club gelato” was first introduced in the market, most of the consumer grouped this product into the basis ice-cream parlor, but with time and experience customers gained detailed information about the company. Affective Interpretation:

The emotional or feeling response triggered by a stimulus such as an advertisement. But in Bangladesh “Club gelato” may not use these positioning strategies to their fullest capabilities.

9. 2 Learning Learning is the term used to describe the process by which memory and behavior are changed as a result of conscious and noncancerous information processing. Learning is essential to the consumption process. Two general situations of learning: 1) High involvement Learning 2) Low involvement Learning In the context of following five theories are needed to consider for understanding the process in a better way.

Conditioning: Classical Conditioning: It is the most popular strategy that use frequently used by the all marketers to change consumer attitude.

It can target young generation and parents as well as other family members to change their behavior and join with club gelato. Moreover it can create stimulus with nature by providing various offerings based on some events such as birthday celebration, friendship day, and Valentine’s Day so on. It may work as a stimulus to those customers who were usually reluctant to     go such ice cream   parlor but due to this occasion they are going.

When affective response leads to learning about the product or leads to a product trial we have this situation. Operant Conditioning: Operant conditioning differs from classical conditioning in the role and timing of reinforcement. The most common application of operant conditioning is to offer quality products so that the use of product to meet a consumer need is reinforcement.

Other applications are: -Club gelato can provide a free ice-cream to encourage the product trial. -They can offer various discounts such as 25% or any other percentage off for purchasing higher quantity.

They can also provide extra ice-cream with one. -A free dessert with an ice-cream may also work as stimuli to get response from the customer. Cognitive Learning: Iconic Rote Learning: Learning the association between two and more concepts in the absence of conditioning is known as iconic rote learning. Here consumer may form beliefs about the characteristics or attributes of products without being aware of the source of information.

As the club gelato are not doing any kind of promotional activities to inform the consumer . so the customer   will go to the parlor based on their   belief   rather than information.

Modeling: A consumer can make the decision to go to club gelato by hearing   about its taste, flavor or environment   from their friends or other family members. It is not necessary that he or she needs to be directly experienced physically going over there. Reasoning: An individual uses thinking to restructure existing information to form new concept. If a person have the idea about move n pick or baskin n robins he or she may relate this concept to feel about the environment and other related aspects of club Gelato.

9. 2. 1 General characteristics of learning: The Strength of learning:

Generally learning comes more rapidly and last longer. The strength of learning is heavily influenced by following factors: • Importance: The survey of club gelato shows that 42% consumer put emphasis on tastes while choosing ice cream. So the more important it is for the individual to learn the material, the more effective he and she becomes in learning process. • Reinforcement: Once the customer like the taste, price, flavor, and environment of the club gelato he or she will repeatedly go there.

• Repetition: Repetition increases the strength and speed of learning.

Advertisement or other promotional campaign can positively influence   its products. 9. 3 Memory: Total accumulation of prior learning experiences is called memory. It includes of two inter-related components. They are • Short term memory • Long term memory Short term memory: Maintenance Rehearsal: is thecontinual repetition of a piece of information in order to hold it in current memory for use in problem solving or transferal to long term memory.

The decoration of club gelato and its quality assurance at a continuous basis helps ensure that club gelato stays in forefronts of individual’s memory. Long term memory:

Semantic Memory: which is the basic knowledge and feelings an individual has about a concept. Impression regarding club gelato According to our survey on club gelato we have found that 42% customer   think about tastes while club gelato came to their mind. And also 25% customer responds relate club gelato with different flavors. only 10%   prefer brand while choosing ice-cream. So we can come to end that basically customer desires good taste while choosing ice-cream parlor like club gelato.

Marketing Strategy: So far we have found that the ice-cream parlor in Dhaka city do not advertise using mass media. o the consumer s generally get to know by physically going over there. This creates share of mind which will create a specific place in the mind of customer. Word of mouth strategy can also be effective for club gelato to attract its customer. They should also emphasis on taste because people think much about taste incase of ice-cream. Episodic Memory; This is the memory of a sequence of events in which an person participated.

Consumers are able to relate themselves with club gelato ice-cream. They went to club gelato when for the first time in life they visited ice-cream parlor. Schematic Memory:

Consumers are able to recall a web of various associations with the name club gelato. 9. 4 Brand Image and Product Positioning: 9.

4. 1 Brand Image: Brand image is nothing but the schematic memory of the human beings. It is the combination of attributes, benefits, usage situations, users and manufacturer/marketer characteristics that people applies while interpreting Club Gelato. It is, in essence, what consumers have learned about Club Gelato. For example: the schematic memory regarding Club Gelato includes High Price, Good Taste, Good Environment, Good Service, Verities of Flavor, High Status, and Low Convenient.

These are the brand image of Club Gelato.

9. 4. 2 Product Positioning: Product positioning is a decision by a marketer to try to achieve a defined brand image relative to competition within a market segment. Club Gelato positions their product, Ice-cream as a mainstream brand which offers to the customer’s verities of flavor with a very good taste. The customers of Club Gelato think about their status so they have to pay little bit higher price. 9.

4. 3 Perceptual Mapping: Perceptual mapping offers marketing managers a useful technique for measuring and developing a product’s position.

Perceptual mapping takes consumer’s perceptions of how similar various brands or products are to each other and relates these perceptions to product attributes. When a marketer will know where his product falls, then it will be easy for them to understand where they should give effort. The perceptual mapping takes consumers perception of similar various Ice-cream parlor (Move n Pick, Club Gelato, Baskin n Robins, Anderson andSub Zero are) of Bangladesh are to each other and relates this perception to product attributes.

Move n Pick Club Gelato Baskin n Robbins Anderson Sub Zero Taste 4. 133333333 3. 33333333 3. 1 2. 7333333 2. 65 Status 4.

05 3. 2 3. 15 2. 7666667 2. 783333 High Taste Move n Pick Club Gelato Baskin n Robbins Anderson Subzero High Status Low Status Poor Taste From the above perceptual mapping, it is clearly visible that people perceive Move n Pick as the best ice-cream parlor in terms Taste and Status.

They also possess positive outlook towards Baskin n Robbins, Anderson, Sub-Zero etc. Club Gelato falls in the portion of Good Taste but the Status in not so high. It is not convenient for all areas people and does not have any branch. So people are quite unhappy for it. 9.

4. 4 Brand Equity:

Brand equity is the value consumers assign to a brand above and beyond the functional characteristics of the product. Brand Equity is nearly synonymous with the reputation of Club Gelato. Although they are not market leader of that particular area but Club Gelato has high brand equity. Club Gelato has a very good image to the elite class people so the Brand equity is also very high for their positive image. 9.

5 Attitude towards Club Gelato: Attitude: An attitude is an enduring organization of motivational, emotional, perceptual, and cognitive process with respect to some aspect of our environment.

Attitude Components: Cognitive Component: From the report we’ve seen that students and newly graduates are the main target customer of club gelato. Cognitive component is based on someone’s belief about an object. People’s attitude towards club gelato is positive. It happens because so far customers are thinking that their ice cream is delicious.

For comparison we have surveyed at eight different categories-club gelato, Ideal Fast Food and Move n pick. We have followed simple average method for the respondent’s belief towards Club Gelato, Ideal Fast Food and Move n Pick on each factor that we asked.

We have made average of every factor and given weight on this factor to calculate weighted average of every factor and highlights these result in table; given below. Comparison between Club Gelato and Move n pick: Sl. No.

Club Gelato Price Taste Variation Environment Service Status Convenient Calorie Total 134 247 251 243 243 239 179 235 Avg 2. 2333 4. 1167 4. 18333 4. 05 4.

05 3. 983333 2. 98333 3. 916667 A-I -1. 15 -0.

383 -0. 2667 -0. 41667 -0. 35 0. 033333 -1.

3333 1. 1 |A-I| 1. 15 0. 383 0. 2667 0. 41667 0.

35 0. 033333 1. 3333 1. 1 A-I 5. 033003 weight 0. 15 0. 2 0. 2 0. 1 0. 1 0. 05 0. 1 0. 1 eighted avg 0. 1725 0. 0766 0. 05334 0. 041667 0. 035 0. 001667 0. 13333 0. 11 0. 62410365 Sl. No. Move n Pick Price Taste Variation Environment Service Status Convenient Calorie Total 115 240 257 251 253 257 206 242 Avg 1. 916667 4 4. 28333 4. 1833333 4. 21667 4. 283333 3. 43333333 4. 033333 A-I -1. 46667 -0. 5 -0. 1667 -0. 2833333 -0. 1833 0. 333333 -0. 8833333 1. 216667 |A-I| 1. 4667 0. 5 0. 1667 0. 2833333 0. 1833 0. 33333 0. 8833333 1. 216667 A-I 5. 0333636 weight 0. 15 0. 2 0. 2 0. 1 0. 1 0. 05 0. 1 0. 1 weighted avg 0. 220005 0. 1 0. 03334 0. 0283333 0. 01833 0. 016667 0. 08833333 0. 121667 0. 2667486 Taste: From the survey, it is seen that Club Gelato (4. 1167) is in a good position compared to Move n pick (4) regarding taste matters. As the difference (0. 1167) is not significant, it has to be investigated further, whether customers have given this opinion emotionally or rationally. Price: In terms of price, the survey shows that Club gelato (2. 23) is in a closer position compared to Move n pick (1. 98). Nevertheless, move n pick has to reduce its price in a small extent to retain its customer. Variation: Regarding varieties of flavor club Gelato is (4. 18333) and Move n pick is (4. 28333).

So we can say that almost both two parlors have enough varieties of flavor. Environment: The Club Gelato is also holing a good environment for its ice cream. Customers think that the environment is (4. 06) is less then move n pick (4. 18). So club gelato should take this fact under consideration and they can improve their decoration to attract more customer. Service: According to the survey we found that the service of club gelato is (4. 05). Whereas Move n pick is (4. 21). We can say that service difference is only (0. 15) which is not significant. Status: Regarding status the position of club Gelato is (3. 833) and Move n pick is (4. 2833). So club gelato should make some strategy to increase its status in the consumer’s mind. Convenient: From the survey, it is seen that Club Gelato (2. 98333) is not in a good position compared to Move n pick (3. 43333333), so they consider how consumer will think about this matter. Calorie: Regarding calorie, club Gelato is (3. 91667) and Move n pick is (4. 0333). So for the people who are health conscious is a good option for them. Comparison between Club Gelato and Ideal: Sl. No. Club Gelato Price Taste Variation Environment Service Status Convenient Calorie Total 134 247 251 243 243 239 179 235

Avg 2. 2333 4. 1167 4. 18333 4. 05 4. 05 3. 983333 2. 98333 3. 916667 Sl. No. Ideal Price Taste Variation Environment Service Status Convenient Calorie Total 203 270 267 268 264 237 259 169 Avg 3. 3833 4. 5 4. 45 4. 466667 4. 4 3. 95 4. 316667 2. 816667 Taste: From the survey, it is seen that Club Gelato (4. 1167) is not in a good position compared to Ideal (4. 5) regarding taste matters. As the difference (0. 1167) is not significant, It has to be investigated further, whether customers have given this opinion emotionally or rationally. Price: In terms of price, the survey shows that Club gelato (2. 3) is not in a closer position compared to Ideal (3. 3833). Nevertheless, Club Gelato has to reduce its price in a small extent to retain its customer. Variation: Regarding varieties of flavor club Gelato is (4. 18333) and Ideal is (4. 316667). So we can say that almost both two parlors have enough varieties of flavor which consumer usually expect to have. Environment: The Club Gelato is also holing a good environment for its ice cream. Customers think that the environment is (4. 05) is less then Ideal (4. 466667). So club gelato should take this fact under consideration and they can improve their decoration to attract more customer.

Service: According to the survey we found that the service of club gelato is (4. 05). Whereas Idealist (4. 4). We can say that service difference is only (0. 35) which is not significant. So to have a good position in term of service they should improve their service. Status: Regarding status the position of club Gelato is (3. 9833) and Ideal (3. 95). So club gelato does not need to be conscious about this matter. Convenient: From the survey, it is seen that Club Gelato (2. 98333) is not in a good position compared to Ideal (4. 316667), so they should consider this matter.

Because as compare to club Gelato its position in not good enough. Calorie: Regarding calorie, club Gelato is (3. 91667) and Ideal is (2. 8166). So Club Gelato should offer more sugar free flavors to their consumer to attract more consumers. Change the cognitive component: Club Gelato has to focus on the cognitive component to change the people’s attitude for its long run well being. It can use the basic strategies of cognitive component to change the consumers’ attitude. Shift Importance: Club Gelato should try to convince consumers that those attributes on which their food items are relatively strong are the most important.

For example, They can emphasize that they are offering original Italian Gelato and also 5 types of sugar free ice- cream for health conscious people. Add Beliefs: Respondents believe that Club gelato’s product is costly and these are not for everyone. So, Club Gelato should add new target market including the middle class people. Affective Component: _________________________________________________________ Affective components is feelings or emotional reactions to an object. The overall evaluation may be simply a vague, general feeling developed without cognititive information or beliefs about the products.

Club Gelato is affordable Club Gelato gives me Status I’m satisfied with the taste of Club Gelato I’m satisfied with the service and environment of Club Gelato I like Club Gelato 224 236 255 251 249 3. 733333333 3. 933333333 4. 25 4. 183333333 4. 15 In our quaries we asked to mark there level of agreement with the above stated five statements. To better understand the finding we classified the level of agreement im five catagories   by assigning rank to them: Strongly agree(5), agree(4), neutral(3), disagree(2), strongly disagree(1).

One notable thing of the survey report is that the customers prefer taste of the ice-cream as important. Majority customers have the preference about the taste (4. 25) of the ice-cream of club gelato. Other have got consequently: Affordability (3. 733333333), status (4. 25), service and environment (4. 183333333) and lastly the total likings (4. 15) Marketing Strategy: As club Gelato has got a good ranking. But to improve their position they should concentrate on some factors. Like their pricing is pretty high so it is not affordable for all the people so to make it more affordable they can cut off the price.

Change the Affective Component: Club Gelato can change its feeling or emotion towards its ice- cream. It can use 3 strategies of changing affective components to change the people’s affection directly through- Classical conditioning, Affect toward the ad or website, and mere exposure. Classical Conditioning: One way of directly influencing the affective component is through classical conditioning. It is the most popular strategy that is frequently used by the all marketers to change consumer attitude. It can target friends and family to sell more products to them.

It can create an adventurous and fun type program what they like most. Moreover, it can create a stimulus with nature, music, events, and picture. Affect toward the Ad / Website: Club Gelato should launch new advertisement with opinion leader to attract new customer by using positive impression of people. As there is a direct relationship with promotional activities and sell amount, marketers should more focus on this. Moreover, Club Gelato has no website. Therefore it should be updated with new information and placed web link in different other busy websites. Mere Exposure:

By nature Club Gelato is low involvement product so to build the likings, it is needed to promote advertisement so that people get more information on ads, like it and buy it. Club Gelato can give advertisement in newspaper and magazine that will be very much effective. As the report shows that the maximum no. of respondent watches Bangladeshi Private Channels, so Club Gelato can also place ad in these channels. Billboard ads in the busy traffic hubs of the cities will play significant role to attract customers’ attention toward Club Gelato. Behavioral Component:

A series of decision to purchase or not to purchase a product or to recommend it or other brands to friends refelect the behavioral component of an attitude. Measuring actions or intended actions The last I visited the ice- cream parlor__________ The chart shows that 28% customers visited Club Gelato last time whereas maximum no. of respondent (32%) visited Move n Pick. Others visited Baskin n robins(10%), Anderson(17%),Sub Zero(10%) and others(3%). So we see the there is a good variety among respondents. I usually prefer to visit____________________ From the survey we see that maximum no. f customers (30%) consumed from Move n Pick. Then, 20% consumed from Club Gelato, 19% from Baskin n Robins, 14% from Anderson and only 13% from Sub Zero and 4% others. What is the probability that you will go to Club Gelato the next time you visit a fast food——-? Definitely will go Might go Probably will go Probably will not go Definitely will not go According to the survey there is an optimistic sign for Club Gelato. Maximum number (37%) of respondent said that might go to Club Gelato whereas 32% said they probably go to Club Gelato. Though 1% said definitely they will not go to Club Gelato, it has also optimistic sign.

Strategy: Though there is optimistic news Club Gelato, they have to be prepared themselves accordingly . As they have 32% respondent who probably will go to Club Gelato. So they should concentrate on the fact that they have to convert this potential customer into loyal customer. Change the Behavioral Component: • Behavior may precede development of cognition and affect. As many people know about club Gelato but to make them their loyal customer it may advertise   extensively on different sections like lifestyle, food corner and add kids zone etc. to make people allure to go there. Behavior may lead directly to cognition, affect or both. After the consumption is made and customers find Club Gelato’s ice -cream as per their expectation thay might be feeling good about it. And after few days they may start believing it that Club Gelato’s ice-cream items is really good. • It can be changed through operant conditioning. As by default Club Gelato items are such that can’t be tested before consumed, operant conditioning wont be effective here. So they can go for providing free ice- cream, discount on occasion or on purchasing in more volume. 10. Recommendation Club Gelato is a branded ice-cream parlor.

Most of the people of Dhaka City like the Club Gelato for different gelato flavors, taste, and different gelato items. But Club Gelato has some confines which should be fixed to attract more consumers, to increase market share, and to build loyal customers. Club Gelato has to do the following marketing strategies. Communication: Club Gelato should effectively communicate with the target market. They have no promotional activities in the market. That’s why mass people are not aware about this brand. Club Gelato has to focus on both non personal and personal presentation of gelato flavors.

Non personal Presentation: Advertising: Club Gelato has limited participation in advertising sector. But to attract customers Club Gelato has to actively participate and promote itself in TV, radio, print media like newspaper, magazine etc. It has to spend sufficient fund to for promoting its brand and to increase brand awareness and attention of people. Sales Promotion: City people now observe different occasions like Valentines Day, merry Christmas, holidays, weekends, New Year. There is a rush during those occasions in Club Gelato. But they have no sales promotion to clutch more customers.

Club Gelato has to offer different price discount, free coupon on different gelato flavors and items. Public Relation Club Gelato has to create favorable publicity among the customers. To increase good corporate image, Club Gelato has to sponsor many events to promote the brand name. Personal Presentation: Personal Selling: It is very effective tool for marketers to grip customers. It is more suitable for Club Gelato. Club Gelato’s personal selling will help to promote the products of it and to create new customers for it. With personal selling they have to give sales promotion to attract the current customers.

Direct Marketing: Club Gelato already has telephone order taking system for customers. Club Gelato has to use the opportunity. They have to regularly maintain the relationship with corporate or big clients. They have to advertise their new flavors and to query whether they need any order for their family occasion like birthday, marriage day etc. Club Gelato can use telephone, mail, email or internet to communicate directly with specific customers. Convenience: Club Gelato is not convenient to the customers. It has only one branch in Dhaka which is located in Banani 11.

It has to open more direct branches in Dhaka city for the convenience of customers. As its target market is elite class and upper middle class people, it can open branches in Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Uttara, Baridhara etc to catch the target market. Competitive Advantage: Club Gelato’s competitive advantage is they offer different delicious Italian gelato flavors which are very soft than other competitors like Move n Pick, Baskin n Robbins etc. To bit the competitors they have to use the competitive advantage successfully in their promotional activities.

Building Long Term Relationship: Club Gelato has many customers who regularly come here. They have to build long term relationship with the customers by personal contract and communication. They can wish the important clients in birthday, marriage day, Eid wishes etc. Thus they can increase the brand loyalty of the customers. 10. Conclusion Club Gelato is a branded ice-cream parlor. Though it has lots of limitations, it is favorite to many customers due to tasty Italian gelato flavors. It’s posh coffee, desserts, delicacies etc are very tasty which has increased the brand value