Analysis of Impact of Communication Mediums

Communication mediums are playing an influential role in our lives, as they are one of the integral parts of our lifestyle. Since the starting of democracy in India, media has played a very important role in strengthening the democracy of the country. A rapid change in technology has significantly changed the communication mediums but the importance of communication remains the same. Communication mediums play a very important role in rural development, in industrial development as well as for strengthening the country’s democracy.

In India, apart from technology there are so many other kinds of media like ‘folk media’, ‘nukkad natak’, ‘puppet shows’ etc. which works to impart information and knowledge to the people of our society, about their powers, their rights and their duties too. Democracy is a thing which is, “for the people, by the people and of the people”. Till now so many people of our society think that the democracy is something which is “for the people”, but they don’t know about the other important aspect of it.

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Today all types of communication mediums are working to eradicate these kinds of myths and trying to show the real picture of our democratic system in India.

All these media are working at their own level. The media is one of the most powerful channels. Despite all the challenges it faces, it always works as an interface between government and public up to an extent. It can make or break individuals, organizations and governments. It informs, educate and entertain people, if used responsibly it can function as a crucial tool in rooting out corruption and to promote good governance.