Analysis of Italian and Egyptian Culture

Every country has its own culture. Different country has different culture. Culture plays an important role in every part of life of citizens and we can see the effect of culture in the behaviour of people . Culture varies from country to country . Doing business in different country means doing business in different work environment or we can say that doing business in different culture therefore it is necessary to sound knowledge of culture where we are going to do business the study of culture covers many aspects like language, society, people behaviour, their etiquette, how they deal with other people and how they communicate.

Handshakes are somewhat limp and prolonged, although they are always given with a hearty smile and direct eye contact. If a person is invited on a dinner with an Egyptian family then it is advised to bring some sweets, pastries or chocolates to the hostess. A person can bring gifts for children which show affection. While giving gift to any Egyptian be careful that gift should be given from right hand or with both hands. Never give flowers to them as flowers are generally given to ill and at the wedding . gifts are not opened at the time of receiving.

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Egyptian also give preference to do business with the known person whom they trust and respect. Therefore it will very helpful to spend more time with them to create good personal relationships. This also helps in making good networks among Egyptian and for cultivating good contracts. Egyptians judge people on appearance therefore always wear good clothes and present yourself in a decent manner. Always pays respect to older person or the senior one in the group because the senior one will also be the spokesperson.