Ancient Greek Influence on the Modern World

Ancient Greek society is the oldest civilization that has most antiquity of sophisticated architecture, most democratic government concept, and from medicine-hippocratic to math-euclidean educational fundamentals.

Greece considered the oldest civilization on the earth covers from 8th to 6th centuries BCE to 146 BCE. The ancient Greece history is not only denoting the three or four segment of societal life, but, in fact ancient Greece is complete society which actually initiated the modernization. Hence, the ancient Greek society had been influencing the modern world with its marvelous performance in almost all of the societal norms.Sophisticated architecture:The artistic and sophisticated sculptures made by ancient Greek people are most valuable assets for current world. The marvelous temples and the wonderful monuments with Ionic and Doric orders are prominent features of the society.

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The temple of Apollo and temple of Athena Nike built about 300 BC by the Greeks are living legends in the architectural sophistication. None of the artistic craft could be matched with the historical but most sophisticated crafts of the world made by Greeks people. However, the inspiration is the most considerable element in influencing the modern world. In other words the modernity and sophistication starts from ancient Greece society which ultimately influenced and inspiring the coming civilizations.

The democratic concepts: Athens had passed the half of sixth century in the aristocratic form of government. That was the point which brought spirit into the Athens citizens to standout for a system which represent the poorest population and to allow them to have the same privileges as others have. And it ultimately brought out and implemented in the shape of democracy. That was first democratic government on the planet which could be called the government for the people, by the people and of the people in its true meanings. The Greeks started the struggle for democratic culture and now we have a democratic world where every person has equal rights everywhere. It is humanity and it is democracy which gifted by the Greeks now the modern world is a democratic world.

Again academics also initiated by the Greek society which covers all of the academic dimensions from medicine to mathematics. The philosophical revolutionaries Aristotle, Plato, Socrates have made their contribution to the society in ancient Greek era. The basis of the many subjects has incepted from the ancient Greek society that is why Greek society is considered the richest society by all the means. This academic revolution in Greek era has made it possible to enhance and upgrade the inception. The latest development in every field of academics is because of Greek.