Anne Rice

On October 4rth,1941,In a city called New Orleans, a girl was born by the name of Howard O’Brien, Jr.,The daughter of Howard and Catherine O’Brien.

Her father left for the Navy soon after she was born; leaving her and her older sister Alice with their adventurous mother.Raised with no rules,Howard was more out spoken,Independent,and intellectual then most other girls her age;being able to express herself in any way possible.Her father came home in 1945 to the chaotic household and soon 2 more girls were born into the family. Howard’s mother pushed her religion on her and she believed every word of it no matter how ridiculous it was.Like how kissing could send you to hell.

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She went to a religious school and went to church daily as well.She especially loved the symbolism around it.At home,her creativity was nurtured well.She always had an audience when she sang or put on plays.Her father wrote ghost stories witch may have fueled her passion of writing.

Finding it odd her name was a boys name,she renamed herselff Anne.She hated the school life and wanted the freedom of home,But home was no longer a nice place to be.When Anne was still young her mother was a very mean drunk.They told no one in the family or the people on the outside the home and when they asked Anne and her family replied, “She is sick.”. The girls feared coming home and the father made excuses to stay away,even taking the girls on long walks around New Orleans.

With her father always gone and her mother not ‘available’, Anne and her sisters raised themselves. Anne had alot of responsibilities for such a young girl.In her free time, she loved exploring the city,especially the cemeteries,and she wrote so much her stories filled a whole dresser.She would send her stories to publishers but none would acssept them from a preteen. She tried to help her mother but nothing worked.On July,1956 Her mother died at the age of forty-eight when Anne was just fourteen.

Devastated by the loss of her mother Anne had to try and move on.In 1957 her father remarried and they were moved to Texas.ut not all was bad,in Richardson High School she meet a boy named Stanly Rice,the editor of the school paper.They dated for a good while but when she entered a woman’s university he had no interest in continuing.Anne thought she had lost the first love,but she focused on her writing.

Her curiosity lead her to break her religious teachings nad felt she had no choice but to leave the church.By her 4rth year she needed more then the life o a boring old Texan so, with the help of a friend and her sister,she moved to California. The whole time thinking of Stan.Her and Stan dated others but they new they only needed each other and wrote to each other constantly,including one of a marriage proposal in witch she accepted. She left for Texas and was soon married to Stan in October 16th 1961.

The following January they packed up and headed for California once more. Anne’s writing got slower and more boring to her,but she wrote one story about vampires she thought had potential and she tucked it away. on September 1st,1966 Anne had a baby girl named Michele other wise known as Mouse,and she was just like her mother.In the summer of 1970,Michele was diagnosed with leukemia and died in 1972.Stan and Anne would have violent fights and drink n stop due to there loss.

Stan was never home and she needed more and she took up writing once again,but this time she was ten times better.She wrote a book called Interview With the Vampire and ,like her other less important works,it was based on the difference between heaven and hell,good and evil,and homo erotica.A character in the book known as Louis is said to share Anne’s fight with the darkness of the world and the mysteries it has,while another character named Claudia,a child vampire given eternal youth, somewhat resembled her daughter.Her sales got better and better and she stopped drinking as well did Stan.Then in 1978 she had a son named Christopher and they moved back to New Orleans.As she got older she no longer held fear of her sexual fantasies that were in Interview With the Vampire and made them known to let others that read it know that they were not alone.

Shortly after, Anne Wrote a sequel called The Vampire Lestat,a story of one of the characters in Interview With the Vampire,and in 1988 The Queen of The Damned was added to what is now known as the Vampire Chronicles and rocketed to the top o the charts.Another sires was added to Rice’s collection known as The Mayfeir Witches witch was later combined with The Vampire Chronicles. by the time Merrick,the 7th book in The Vampire Chronicles, was added to it. People everywhere in New Orleans loved her books.They named there children after the characters,dressed like them and obsessed over the love parings in the book. Sometimes Anne would come to the signings in a costume. Anne,still a big writer, spent time with her family alot.But, her father died the year he was ell gravely ill.Anne was by his side with no tears,for by then she had accepted that people die.By 1993,she was done being upset and had officially written 15 novels all together.Her books being turned into movies and plays mede her life twice as happier.She wrote a new book each year and all sold well.In December 1998,Anne fell into a comma and woke up to find she had diabetes. To this day she lives on taking medication,but is still the happy,independent,and expressive young girl she was when she was younger.She continues to write and dose not plan to stop.