Feminism in Anthem Essay

This book is important because it shows you how to do things in your own way.

It does this by showing that Equality is curious and wants to do new things. Equality goes through the story being curious no matter what happens. Anthem can benefit people by showing always try new things. It shows don’t let people put you down no matter what they do. In the story it says “it is a sin to think words no others think and to put them down upon a paper no others are to see.” This is what happened in the story.

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If this happens you will not have opportunities in life and your dreams will fail. In the book it says Equality will go present his ideas no matter the consequence. He presented his idea to the council and he hoped that they would like his idea. When he presented it the council did not like it and they said to take him away. He stayed with his dream and did not let them take it and he ran.

That shows that you shouldn’t be afraid of doing what you want. If someone tries to take that away you should say no and find a new way to approach.