Antigone Script Analysis

This brings to light the symbolism of the double blasphemy he has committed. 3. Teiresias, studying augury by birds, tells Creon how the birds are quarrelling and ighting, giving light to the symbol of the kings creation of chaos. .

As Antigone fearlessly goes to her death and speaks of “being a bride to death,” it could extrapolate on how she may be closer with her deceased family members rather than her ones that are still alive. She becomes excited to be reunited with her dead siblings and Oedipus. 5. There is a very prominent theme of power leading to corruption throughout the play. Creon is power hungry, and thus is corrupted by his drive and leads to his pride nd refusal to bury Polyneices.

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Resolve and pride is a very large part of this play, with Antigone and Creon especially displaying willpower by not giving in and refusing to let the other get the best of them. 7. The Sentry depicts Antigone as a mother bird keeping an eye over Polyneices’s body. This draws upon the idea that Antigone is a maternal fgure in the play and the circular forces of nature. 8.

Sexism is huge part of this story. Creon calls his son Haemon a slave to women, as ell as his ideas of women being subservient and males being dominant.

Antigone actively exploits this and Juxtaposes these ideas by being strong willed, daring, and loyal. 9. Suicide is a large part of the play, as three characters take their own life. This brings about the theme of mortality and how they can have control of their life only through this means of an end.

The play almost seems to make suicide seem like a tolerable way of exiting life as opposed to dying of natural causes or being murdered. overall and provide little alternative.