A&P Case Study

Meriting assignment In the study provided, the information shows a larger difference in heart attacks for males over females under the age of 55. One reason for this difference is the amount of physical activities such as sports and other training. Males at that punier age are putting more force on their heart more often.

Women on the other hand do not have the rise in testosterone during these physical activities and typically don’t do as much.

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After the age of 55 the study shows a general equaling out of the heart attack rates. This could possibly be due to the fact that women are going into menopause, Nile men are still at risk they don’t have the increased testosterone drive to push their abilities like when they were younger. Women over 55 began all the necessary changes in their body including hormone shifts and chemical imbalances. This could be a reason for why their heart attack rate becomes more even with men.

Based on these results and my hypothesis, I believe more work should be put into studying the results of hormonal and chemical changes, in both males and females, on the heart.

The possibility that a pill or alternative form of medicine might be able to level out these imbalances and provide a longer life span is very important. Supplementation of things like fish oils has been said to help with heart health but more research should be done in order to expand the knowledge on this subject.

Currently there is no evidence to support my claim that a supplement could be safe and lower risk. I believe that the evidence is not there because we have not done the research yet. With cardiovascular disease being the highest killer in the Nor, more efforts should be taken in order to find all causes and cures possible.

An experiment of this kind would take many years and it could possibly be under way now. Scientist would have to pull data from hundreds of subjects over 50 plus years.

It would be a very large project that would also require two generations of scientist. In conclusion, I believe that the difference and eventual equaling rates of heart attack is caused by chemical imbalances in the body. Several supplements currently claim to be beneficial in strengthening the heart but there is not enough research to support their claims.

Under many years of research we might find that supplementation does strengthen the heart and reduce your risk for heart attacks.