Apple CaseStudy Strategic Management

Apple case study strategic management is worth to research.

Two friends decided to establish their own company for the production and selling of computers. This company is interesting to study since it allows investigation the whole amplification if the IT sphere -from the primitive versions of the primary computers to the innovative solutions we can enjoy now with the help of Apple Inc.

Why Should We Make Business Research?

One of the main components of success for researchers, retailers, advertising workers, production managers and professional market leaders is marketing. It does not matter which area of activity a company is engaged in.  Marketing research for an enterprise or organization that promotes their services or goods is simply necessary since this is a very effective way of collecting information. They provide an opportunity to learn about the position of the enterprise in the market.

It is also possible obtain information about the product or service, about the presence of competitors. To obtain a regular and real income, you simply need to analyze the situation on the market. Especially it concerns the stage of creation of the enterprise, especially if the entrepreneur wants to introduce a new product to the market. Marketing analysis involves collecting information about the enterprise and then studying it in several ways, such as price, product, buyer and much more. This information is further used to correctly choose the direction of business development.

What benefits can these investigations give to an organization? First of all, they allow managers to accurately determine their goals and objectives. You can get an idea of how correctly and effectively the product or service of the company is being promoted, and after systematization of the information, it is possible to make an analysis of whether the marketing efforts are properly applied, how to increase their effectiveness, and whether any adjustments are necessary.

What Results Can It Bring?

Apple Case StudyBusiness research can be conducted in several ways, and each company should come from its necessities when choosing the most appropriate variant.

When promoting the popular products, which the market is already filled with, it is necessary to have accurate information about the dynamics of the development of this market, its capacity, needs and preferences of consumers. And the proposal should be not only qualitative but also something different from competitors. It is worthwhile to conduct marketing research in the event that suddenly the sales level falls for an unknown reason. In this case, after conducting the analysis and marketing research, the manager will necessarily see the reasons for what is happening and will be able to change the marketing policy. For those who are going to expand his business or looks for new ways of promotion, research is simply necessary. And only marketing analysis can accurately determine which partners it is worthwhile to deal and what channel is the most suitable.

After the research is conducted, the supply and demand are known, the strengths and weaknesses of the product and competitor are taken into account, all the nuances are comprehended, it is possible to make a unique trading proposal. Both the product itself and its positioning are being improved, and in advertising, the focus is on those moments that are interesting to the buyer. As a result, a potential buyer simply can not refuse such an offer. It also makes sense to look at the success stories of well-known companies in order to understand what lies at the basis of their prosperity. Apple is one of these companies. Design thinking and innovation at Apple case study are decisive moments that lead the company to recognition.

Inventing Macintosh

Innovation at Apple case study began in 1977. This period that can be called the birth of the primary Macintosh. This company is interesting to study from the following point of view. It proves once again that a successful startup should come from the necessities of its consumers. In the case of Macintosh, it was created for an average user, and that is wry in was successful.

Learning from Mistakes

In 1983, Apple released Lisa – the primary personal computer with a graphical user interface, named after the daughter of Jobs. Although from a commercial point of view Lisa was a complete failure, nevertheless, its release was not wasted – the operating system used here Lisa 7/7 had a window interface, a buffer that allowed data transfer between applications and much more. This situation should be studied due to the following reason. Lisa system forms the basis of Mackintosh, so it allows speaking that sometimes absolute failure can be turned out to useful implementations.

Legendary Advertising

Apple officially introduced its very primary Macintosh on January 22, 1984. An advertising clip “1984”, based on the plot of the book of D.

Orwell was called an advertising clip of the decade, received a grand prize in Cannes and to this day is considered one of the most original in the history of advertising. This advertising campaign is also worth research. It proves that innovation advertising and competent marketing approaches are key steps towards successful promotion of any business.

Developing Innovations

Apple case study analysis shows that computer industry did not stand still. During the whole period of perfecting Macintosh computers, their operating system Mac OS (System) also developed, that is, new capabilities were expanded, its individual elements were changed and new technologies were introduced. When the Mac OS was primary introduced in 1984, then at that time it was the perfection of modern programming.

The amplification of the company should be researched since it can prompt the way of amplification of innovative start-ups.

Legendary iPhones

Apple has become a legend and has developed many more innovations. One of them is the iPhone. Steve Jobs, made a lot of personal efforts both in the amplification of the device and at his presentation. It was his charisma that had a huge impact on the success of sales of new items. This example proves that innovative product with competent promotion headed by the leader can give significant results.

In 2013, for the primary time in Apple’s history, two iPhones were realized. In 2014, Apple again released a couple of models. iPhone 6 became a continuer of the classic line, and the iPhone 6 Plus was designed to win a niche in the market of devices which are tablets, PCs, and smartphones simultaneously.  Apple case study marketing is a worthy example to research and discover how to occupy a niche.