Apple CEO Tim Cooks

Can it Sustain its Growth… Key Issues Issue 01 : Steve Jobs is now gone – can they do it without him in the long term? Issue Sustain its growth and success Issue 03: Mac vs. Personal Computer competitive positions Issue 04: Google moving into Apple‘s smartened market As the business manager of the Apple Corporation, I would need to look at the business and determine who are my direct competitors and determine where I am going to seek opportunities for a competitive advantage in some aspects of the iciness.

It is impossible to speak of Apple and not associate the vision, charisma, and innovation of Steve Jobs (http://www. Biography. Com/people/Steve- jobs-9354805#synopsis). He brought Apple back into the public interest in the sass’s after he was rehired by the company he expounded.

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The strategy to maintain the success of the company would involve staying close the ideas that brought the company to its current status (McGraw-Hill Irwin, Page C-188). The momentum left by lobs will continue to carry the company, as long as Apple continues to provide new ND popular products to its loyal customers.

Recommendations Issue 01: It’s hard to follow in the footsteps of genius. Apple CEO Tim Cooks challenge has been to maintain the momentum as the world’s largest and most famous technology company, following a decade-long period of turn-around and innovation with few parallels. Over his career, Jobs fundamentally led Apple into numerous industries including personal computing, computer operating systems, music, mobile phones, and tablets (McGraw-Hill Irwin, Page C-188).

To stay ahead of he competition, it will be important to make sure our loyal customers stay loyal to our brand.

As competitors spend money on advertising campaigns that describe their opinions on how much better they are, we will focus on highlighting the uses of our loyal customers. Recognizing the size and success of the company, we still want to include the people that actually use the products in our campaigns. I will open and ideas website that allows users to provide feedback on specific features they may want to see either through updates or APS. Issue 02: Apple is a wildly successful company that generates billions of dollars in profits every year.

This is one of the strongest examples of how a company with the right strategy, great products, a strong leader and the willingness to take some risks can become vastly successful.

Rhea market in which Apple is strong has intense rivalry for market share. Apple is challenged with staying ahead of its competitors and maintaining long-term relationships with its customers. In order to stay ahead of the competition Apple is forced to keep product innovation a top priority. I would maintain a Blue Ocean Strategy to market our product and maintain our competitive advantage (McGraw-Hill Irwin, Page 152).

The company has a strong and loyal customer base which will allow Apple to concentrate the focus to highlighting the features of our products.

I will not focus on what our competitors can and cannot do; I will focus the attention to the ¶intents to having Apple products Strategic marketing campaigns highlighting the different uses and features of the popular phone and pad will headline the campaign. Issue 03: The weak area of Apple Inc. Is the fact that most of its products re all available in the market.

Consumers around the world have many options to popular hardware and software devices and operating systems. Since PC’s are the one that are mostly found in the business world, it would be important to find the niche that would provide Apple with some type of competitive advantage.

Another challenge is that they are significantly more expensive to the products created by its rival companies MOM, Hewlett Packard and Dell which design their products for business and office purposes running Microsoft Windows operating systems McGraw-Hill Irwin, Page C-188).

Issue 04: The smart-phone showdown is important because Apple and Google are advancing radically with different business models. Google entered the handset segment of the smartened industry and the tablet computer business through the $12. 5 billion acquisition of the Motorola Mobility :McGraw-Hill Irwin, Page C-197). With the clear success of the phone sales in 2011 and 2012, it would be matter of keeping stride with the technology that Google would try to implement to attract or bargain away from Apple.

It is clear the Google look to urea away by selling comparable devices at lower prices. The strategy I would implement would include increasing marketing campaigns for the phone within peak times for TV commercials. I would also implement a sale of the previous model phone to entice potential new customers that couldn’t initially afford the device.

The company already has the capability to engrave on purchased ‘pods and ‘pads; Implementing these services to the phone as an incentive to potential new customers may entice the decision to buy our device and not the competitors.