b) Deductive reasoning is evaluated with terms valid or invalidd) Deductive unstated premises can also be evaluated as either sound or unsound.e) It is true that in evaluating an argument, one should take into consideration existence of merit or any unstated premises.The term ‘ therefore’ indicates conclusion‘since’ is a conclusion indicator‘for’ is a premise indicator‘ because’ is a premise indicator‘so’ is a conclusion indicator‘hence’ is a conclusion indicator 8. When diagramming an argument, one should include claims that contradict the conclusion.

True.1) It’s no use going on about whether this law is just. It was passed democratically. Strong.2) How can you be so critical of Pride and Prejudice? You never read it.

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Strong3) ) I wouldn’t call her reliable. She was late with her last rent check. Can’t be made either valid or strong4) It’s not safe to let Dave drive you home. He just had a furious argument with his boss. Can’t be made either valid or strong5) Look, it’s snowing. The air will be warmer today.

Can’t be made either valid or strong6) We didn’t miss the bus. It isn’t 8:04 yet. Strong. 7) That isn’t art. A child could do it.

Can’t be made either valid or strong