Asian American – European American IAT

My test results indicated moderate association of Asian American with American and European American with Foreign, compared to European American with American and Asian American with Foreign. The test results failed to produce valid results as my political beliefs are “neutral” and religious beliefs are moderate. I strongly believe that people have the basic human right to live on any part of the globe he/she wishes to, and practise any religion according to their faith and comfort zone.

Sadly, due to political and social perspectives often prejudices against people develop, that not only leads to loss of human life but above all humanity that comprises the value system of love, care, patience, respect, understanding and harmony. That makes me to think are we any better than the four-legged creatures, who constantly fight for survival and dominion? This test could possibly measure prejudice, but how accurately it can, is difficult to comprehend, as several aspects like right/left-handedness, social culture, and exposure to people are a determinant factors as well. Interestingly, there is no scientific method to gauge the human behaviour within and outside a social network, yet Bogardus scale and Likert Scale are the benchmarks often use to measure prejudice. The test results are usually compiled after asking a series of open-ended questions.

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