Association Football and Central Midfielder Analysis

From this pie chart it is clear that most Central-Midfielders have brown eyes (72%) with blue and green eyes are marked at 14% each. However due to the lack of players analyses there is a high probability that the results vary. Although this data was recorded, eye color does not have an effect on any other statistic.

In this graph there is what seems to be a moderate, positive relationship between the age of the player and the goals scored.

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From this we can also see that there is what looks like an outlier. This piece of data is from Patrick Viewer, a retired 38 year ex arsenal player. I am unsure of why he didn’t score many goals however this could have been due to different central midfielder roles back in the time when he played to now. According to this graph, the older the player is the more goals he will have scored.

Information about the statistics- For total number of goals scored by a central midfielder the…

Mean is: 69 goals per player (484/7) Median is: 45 goals Range is: 126 (147-21) For the age of central midfielders the..

. Mean is: 69 goals per player (484/7) Number of Clubs played at- From this box plot we can see that the average soccer player has played for 4 clubs however this graph is not incorporating the age of the players, the older the player the more clubs he might have played at. Information about the statistics- For number of clubs played at the…

Mean is: 3.

9 clubs Median: 4 clubs Range is: 5 clubs Information about the statistics- Form this graph it appear that there is no relation between shots and goals. This is bizarre as one would imagine that the more shots taken would equal more goals however this is not the case. Factors that could have interrupted the presumed exults could be strength of the keepers, distance of shot, positioning of player and strength of the opposition.

For total shots taken by a central midfielder so far this season the..