Astounding Director

What kind of movies do you like? What’s your favorite genre? Who’s your favorite director? While comedy and romance are a good combination, wouldn’t a comedic horror have you getting your eyes stuck to the screen even more? What about a movie with realistic characters? Films directed by Tim Burton contain these characteristics in a way that is highly entertaining as well as imaginative. To begin, Tim Burton loves thinking outside the box and putting twists on old classics. Edward Scissorhands is his version of Frankenstein. For example, the theme of both movies is “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” In Frankenstein the creature Frankenstein is thought of as a monster trying to harm people. Likewise, in Edward Scissorhands, Edward is also mistaken for a harmful monster in which the two both turn out to be kind inventions.

Also, the 1970’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was his inspiration to create Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. For instance, the name is obviously similar. They also have the same basic characters. Of course, they follow the same plot of Charlie inheriting the chocolate factory as well. Alice in Wonderland is another example.

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In the 1990’s TV series, the character Alice is a child. Burton, however, twists it into a movie of when she is nineteen and has long forgotten about Wonderland but soon recalls after she accidentally trips upon it and must save Wonderland from the Red Queen. Not to forget the mighty Dark Shadows. TV viewers often rushed home from school, trying to catch their favorite TV show, Dark Shadows. Now, Tim Burton has made this hit TV series into a hilarious movie starring Johnny Depp as the vampire Barnabas Collins. In summary, Tim Burton enjoys recreating old films, or TV shows and transforming them into his own little story.

Subsequently, if morbid and funny with realistic characters is your type of movie, give Tim Burton’s a try. Sleepy Hollow is a comedic horror with a dash of romance. To give more information, Sleepy Hollow does have the slicing off of heads for the horror. However, Constable Ichabod Crane is a squeamish character trying to discover who the murderer is and why. The romance is brought about between the characters Katrina and Ichabod, the two constantly wanting to see each other or helping out the other.

Edward Scissorhands is one of those thriller, dramatic comedies with slivers of romance dancing about with realistic characters. For instance, the character Edward was created by an elder inventor who died before he could finish Edward leaving him with scissors for hands gives the movie that thriller taste. Drama begins when Edward is brought down to from years of isolation in a mansion on a hill to a small, “perfect” town. Comedy sets in through mostly Edward’s expressions, curiosity, and clumsiness giving him those realistic traits. Before long, drama taints the romance when Kim is caught in a love triangle between her boyfriend Jim and Edward.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a comedic horror. For example, Sweeney Todd, seeking revenge on Judge Turpin, slits the throats of several people as practice whistle teaming up with Mrs. Lovett, whose pie business is in the ruins, by grinding up the dead victims’ bodies into her suddenly famous meat pies. Yet, this musical holds the comedy in the songs whether it be mocking someone, singing to blades, or dancing with a butcher knife. Alice in Wonderland has that “twisted” side of life effect packed in hilarious thriller.

To further explain, in the movie, Alice runs off to try and solve the mystery of the rabbit with a watch she keeps seeing. She ends up falling down a big rabbit hole and enters Wonderland, full of twisted creatures, like talking animals and insects. A major comedy factor of the movie being the Mad Hatter. Once again, if realistic darker themed movies with slabs of comedy captivate you, check out some of Tim Burton’s movies. Unfortunately, people mistakenly believe Tim Burton’s movies are in favor of the devil when they really are just in an entertaining form of showing a good theme to the viewers. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, some people thought it was devilish with the mixing of Halloween horror into Christmas wonder with the birth of Jesus when it really supported the theme “Not everything is meant for everyone.

” It is a simple fact the character Jack, the king of the pumpkin patch, accidentally stumbles into Christmas Town and wants to have a Christmas of his own back in Halloween Town. However, his plan of kidnapping Santa, or, as he says, Sandy, backfires terribly making him realize Christmas is not meant for him. Inside Sleepy Hollow, people found it to be wrong due to the constant murder when the movie was really just supporting the theme of “Never give up.” In the movie, Ichabod is a squeamish constable, or detective, who after finding that the Headless Horseman is the murderer, has a difficult time trying to stop him and gives up multiple times in the movie but doesn’t in the end. In Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, the numerous slitting of throats were found very sinful when it just leads up to the theme “Learn forgiveness and try to forget.

” For instance, in the end when Sweeney Todd finds that his wife that he had been taken away from was alive the whole time up until then when he found her dead, he is struck immediately with a wave of guilt and sorrow. It is obvious that movies directed by Tim Burton are not in favor of the devil but a truthful message told by the movie. For these reasons, Tim Burton is an astonishing director who is very talented in directing actors and such in the many beautiful films he has directed. Often, people overlook the true beauty of Burton’s work. They only scarcely think of the main picture just because it’s more imaginative than other films and that’s it. You have to look into it further, deeper.

Push your way through and find what it really is about and what message it is trying to get past. What’s your outlook of movies now? Are you sure of your favorite genres? What are your thoughts about your favorite director now? Do you think you will give Tim Burton a chance?