Astronomy & Doxology: Astronomy Prompting Praise

The Bible speaks of the stars praising the Lord multiple times. They, and the planets and constellations, are often said to praise Him.

The heavens are said to worship Him in Psalms 19. In Psalms 148, the stars of light, heaven of heavens, and sun and moon are told to praise Him. This is one of David’s many ways of praising the Lord. He says that the very firmaments show God’s handiwork. God created an amazing universe for His glory and the rest of His creation can enjoy it as well. David was inspired to praise Him because of it, and although not everyone is inspired to praise the Lord by the night sky, there are many other aspects of creation that may inspire those people to praise Him, though the starry sky is one of the most astounding creations.

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David also says that the days and nights reveal speech and knowledge. This can go to show that he believes all humans have access to understanding God’s glory when observing the sun, moon, and stars. One last verse that talks about His creation is Romans 1:20. It says that all people can learn of God’s invisible attributes that are clearly seen through creation. These invisible attributes are His eternal power and divine nature which can be seen in astronomy. Through astronomy humans can see just how powerful and divine He is by looking at the stars that He put in place and calls by name.

People can understand these things through His creation, and through that alone. Sadly, humans have sinned and turned away from God; they have corrupted things meant for His glory. Fortunately, Christ died for all sinners. Now, Christians are able to see the stars and be able to think of God’s great glory and power as a creator rather than something corrupted. The sun, moon, and stars were created to praise Him, and that is what humans were created to do as well.

If even the stars praise Him, why shouldn’t humans?