Attitudes About Racism

Racism is an issue that many people try to avoid, although it is something that still exists today.

I picked this topic because I wanted to challenge my writing skills and it is like such an interesting topic to write about. Also people don’t know that there is not only physical racism. There are many other types of racism. I’ll tell you more about what I think. As you read this paper think about this question can racism be tied to something deeper than a difference in skin tone? Cultural Racism I was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

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Since I can remember I have always liked brown skinned boys. In the US there are well known “stereotypes” by which some races refer to others but who would have thought that in countries where the mix of races and cultures are so rich this can also be a problem. Being that Puerto Rico is a US territory, the concept of beauty is often influenced by American mainland standards. A child with blue or green eyes in PR is always prettier than a brown eyed one, even if all you have seen are the eyes. If I want to offend someone all I have to say is that they look white when they’re really not. That kind of comment makes Puerto Ricans angry.

We like our Caribbean skin tone and we don’t like to be referred as any race other than our own. Blacks and Whites reaction to Racism . Abuse and racial discrimination are equally as bad as each other. It’s no good criticizing others for doing bad things if we do equally as bad to someone else. Black people react to the racist slurs because where they come from the racist slurs meant really bad things to them. The whites use these words and it hurts them, but what could the blacks about it? And now that the African Americans can stand up for themselves they react aggressively.

Some white people feel that blacks are inferior, and they need to accept it! Some whites say that blacks are filthy, ignorant people the same is true about some white people. Racism is such a bad thing and knowing that even people from the same race are racist toward each other is sick. Reacting to racism is hard I could never understand why.