Analysis of Audience

The process of analyzing audience before any presentation in order to determine their characteristics is important because it enables the presenter to choose the best style and format of presenting information when speaking or writing. Therefore the whole process of audience analysis will involve understanding the identity, personalities and the need of particular information (Rubestein et al., 2010). In this paper we consider the process of audience analysis for the purpose of quarterly sales information presentation to managers, salespeople and customers.The characteristics of audience should be considered in any presentation.

These will include their types and levels of understanding. There are the experts, technicians, executives and non-specialists where we analyze their background knowledge, needs and interests as well as other demographic factors (Kies, 2010). The quarterly sales presentation has managers who supervise the whole process and regarded as the executives who supervise performance. They need the information for the purposes of decision making.The other team is that of salespeople.

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These are the technicians who are trained and have enough experience to carry out the actual sales. They require sales information so as to be able to set targets and understand whether they have already achieved passed requirements. They have interest in knowing their performance from past to present time from which they form basis of their targets. The salespeople are most important target for the sales presentation which should focus more on them than other audience. This is because the reported sales directly affect their day to day duties.

The other characteristics of audience are those of the consumers of the products. The quarterly sales information is important for them because they are able to see the business position so as to guarantee them future supplies. Their experience and training on sales is limited and they are only interested in understanding basic facts about sales achievement.The appropriate channel to be used is the face-to-face presentation of quarterly sales. This is the most effective means to use since all the stakeholders will be present in person.

This method is appropriate because it allows the stakeholders to interact with the information presenter and may seek any further clarifications in areas which are not clear. Moreover, the presenter can supplement this method by issuing brochures and handouts of the materials presented via power point or other viable means (Mcquail, 1997). This increases the level of understanding and future referencing by the stakeholders.The consideration that the audience is of diverse background is very critical in effective communication. Since the audience is of diversified backgrounds which include managers, salespeople and customers, it would be necessary to prepare quarterly sales presentation that can easily be understood across the whole group. However, since most of the data will be useful to the salespeople and managers, more information should be targeted to them as compared to customers.

Thus the presenter should be able to analyze the critical needs of each group while ensuring that the interests at each level are met (Kies, 2010). Moreover, the language used should be comprehended by all stakeholders involved.The sales presenter should ensure that the quarterly sales presentation is effective and that the message is well understood by all stakeholders. Firstly, the use of examples while presenting is a good way of elaborating more to the audience (Kies, 2010). This will ensure that the points presented are understood through relating to examples.

The presenter should use headings and listings. This gives well presented points which are easy to be understood. This means that under each heading, the stakeholder is able to understand point by point arguments. This should work well with use of few words with clarity in sentence. Thus the ambiguity is eliminated in the whole presentation which ensures that the message passed is effective (Kies, 2010).The presenter should be able to interact with the stakeholders during presentation.

This will enable feedback collection so as to assure the presenter whether the right information is being understood (Kies, 2010). The feedback is important because the presenter will be able to understand the areas that need clarity at any given time of presentation.The other important element is that the presenter should include only information relevant to the quarterly sales presentations (Kies, 2010). There is a tendency of stakeholders to get bored with irrelevant information and it should be avoided. This will ensure that the quarterly sales analysis is understood without inclusion of unnecessary information which waste the time of audience.Finally, it is important before any presentation to any audience through any channel of communication that the audience analysis be conducted.

This helps to ensure the right information is passed at the right time, manner and to the right audience in an easy to comprehend channel.