Average People Emulate Nazi Actions

the Artful times URGENT: AVERAGE PEOPLE EMULATE NAZI ACTIONS Submitted by: Mark Schfieglemun A few days ago, the head researcher of Maus & Nationalsozialismus or M&N Corporation, Mr. Se Jin Park, announced his conclusion that resolved the long-debated topic of whether the Nazis were sane or not. Mark Schfieglemun (not to be confused with the Spieglman family), the journalist of The Artful Times, interviewed Mr. Park to enrich and gain detailed information regarding his decade long research.

About an year ago, Mr. Park stated that his information all built up to the near conclusion that Nazis were completely different from the people of our modern society. However, he stated during his interview that he “hated to admit it, but all of the research supported the conclusion that the members of the Nationalsozialismus party were same as the average people we see everyday.” His announcement brought an unfavourable reaction from the crowd who once admired his research. Although the conclusion may seem crazy, Mr. Park began to stimulate our curiosity by stating that the book “MAUS II” dramatically changed his thoughts about this issue.

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Mr. Park has presented his confidential documents known as the “Double Entry Journal” to demonstrate his steps to the conclusion. On the right with the image of MAUS is a significant panel illustrated in the book “Maus II” that started to affect Mr. Park’s thoughts about the issue. On top of the panel with a handwriting is a little sample of a Double Entry Journal that Mr. Park made to analyse specific documents and literary pieces.

With this, he was able to excavate numerous amounts of evidence that were used to reach a solid conclusion. “The act of killing the fly runs parallel to the act of killing Jews in gas chambers. This shows us that human errors are repeated unconsciously… It shows that the human error of killing innocent lives just because they are unpleasant is repeated.” In this Double Entry Journal, Mr. Park drew a parallel connection with Nazis killing the Jewish prisoners using gas chambers to Art killing the mosquito.

In other words, he made aconnection on how the “Nazi guards’ action of killing Jews using gas chambers relates to normal people getting rid of their unpleasant targets.” Mr. Park also shared his documented conclusion about the characteristics of those who follow the Nazi ideology. In the document, it is stated that “Nazis target groups and make them into abhorrent enemies, they consider themselves as the ‘reasonable’ people, and belittle those who do not believe the Nazi ideology.” Mr.

Park also provided another piece of confidential document to connect people’s characteristics with the Nazi soldiers’ identity observed from MAUS . He began to see connections between the Nazis’ characteristics with peoples’ common identity when he found similarities in their behaviours. “First of all, most people try to avoid others with different beliefs because they try to prevent themselves from absorbing others’ perspectives to try to stay consistent with their own notion. Also, they belittle and target others who have different ideologies. These are some of the main characteristics we see in our daily lives; people create war between each other because of different beliefs such as religion.

” He also presented the situation with Ebola right now as a current day example. “Infected families are scared to receive treatment from a foreign doctor simply because they have never heard of the deadly disease. Also, their disagreement with the foreign doctors are only causing problems in the world.” Mr. Park continued on and later concluded “that most of the Nazis’ characteristics such as creating targets, belittling others are alike to the most common features of people we see everyday.

” Mr. Park also presented another panel from the book “MAUS II” to support his argument about the connection between the Nazis and the average people. “We all know ISIS and KKK who work towards their goals and beliefs. Also, we all know what the African-Americans had to suffer from the beginning of the 17th century to the mid-20th century in America.” Mr.

Park has connected our daily segregation and racism people endure to what the Nazis did. “When Vladek, the man who managed to survive the camp, showed racism towards black people saying ‘Shvartser,’ which means ‘Black Man,’ I was extremely surprised.” He also added on saying that Nazis were similar to the Jews in this perspective. “Although racism is abhorrent, the Nazis who segregated the Jewish citizens are not different from the racist people we see often.” Mr.

Park was also able to retrieve one of his lost documents that he has been looking for since last year. This document’s formal name is “A 150-Percent Nazi.” This document, according to Mr. Park, contains the experiences of a historian who was once a part of the Nazi party. “From this document, I was able to gain further knowledge about the Nazis’ reasons behind joining the party.

They have been told fabrications about the superiority of Germany such as how they were winning the World War II by a ‘huge difference’.” Mr. Park inferred that people joined the Nazi Party because they wanted to contribute as a proud German citizen. Although some have recognised that the Nazi party was only spreading their clever lies to their own citizens to make the Nazis and Germany seem “superior,” some still joined because they denied the fact that the Nazis were performing horrendous actions. Most of the people in our world tend to work towards what they believe in because their though process depends heavily on their own opinion.

Mr. Park later concluded that “this evidence of the Nazis trying to follow their own beliefs and goals matches the characteristics of average people around us.” After Mr. Park left the M&N office, a note was left behind. His conclusion from the extensive research between the average people and the Nazis was expressed throughly in this piece of paper.

“It is easy to believe that the Nazi party members are not analogous to the average people we see everyday. However, my evidence from MAUS, 150-Percent Nazi, and my chart suggest otherwise. Although it has been almost a century ago since the Nazi party faced downfall, we repeated the same human errors and adapted to the characteristics of the Nazis. Hence, average people are no different from the Nazis.”