Behind the Man: Adolf Hitler

We have all heard of the horrible, cruel deeds of Adolf Hitler while he was in power, but how much do you know about the man himself? From his normal childhood in Austria, to his rise to political power and eventual suicide in a bunker surrounded by soviets, there is much to learn about the evil man. Don’t forget what horrific things he did in his conquest for world domination. Prepare to delve into the life and legacy of the the world’s most feared leader, Adolf Hitler. Young Adolf Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889, in the town of Braunau, Austria.

His parents were Alois and Klara Hitler, and he had 4 siblings. He had a fairly normal childhood, despite having a strict and abusive father. After his older brothers moved away, his father’s bad temper and abuse was directed at him. Adolf was a poor student, and didn’t like to follow rules. He didn’t care about schoolwork because he thought art would be all he needed to know. When his father died in 1889, Adolf had already been rejected by the Vienna School of Art twice, and when his mother then died in 1907, he became homeless.

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For the time being, the young Hitler took up residence at a men’s dormitory. According to The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler, he felt strongly about his political views, and would get in fights with other men at the dormitory (James C. Giblin). Taking Over Germany Adolf Hitler was a very active member of the German Workers Party, and had some extreme views on politics. He was an UltraNationalist, meaning he was extremely proud of his country (Germany). He also felt strongly about anti-semitism, or the hatred of Jews.

Hitler was a very influential speaker. Since becoming a leading member of his party, he had suggested they change their name to the National Socialists German Workers Party, or Nazi Party. Hitler formed a private army known as Sturm Abteilung, also known as Storm troopers. Sometimes referred to as “brown coats”, these soldiers were Nazis, Ex-Soldiers, or just needed a job. They protected Hitler’s speeches from unwanted disruptions from people who did not agree (Communists, etc.

) The Sturm Abteilung, led by Hitler, planned to overthrow the government of Germany. When the German officials found out about this, Hitler was put on trial and thrown in jail. While in prison, he wrote his book, Mein Kampf, in which he talked about how Germans were the master race, and their superiority was being threatened. He also stated that the Communist Jews were trying to take over the world and exterminate the “Aryans”, or true Germans. After being released from prison early, due to his “good behavior”, Hitler decided to become a legitimate politician. His party gained political leverage, and he ran for president in 1932.

After months of negotiation and political tension, Hindenburg resigned and Hitler was selected for chancellor and soon his party had complete control over Germany. Hitler’s Death and Legacy On April 30th, 1945, Hitler committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin. They were surrounded by the soviet Military, and he knew they were fighting a losing battle. So ended the life of one of the most feared people to ever walk on this earth. What horrible destruction did Hitler leave in his wake? Not only did he destroy most of Europe, but he and his party caused the deaths of over 11 million people. According to Encyclopedia Britannica’s website, “By 1938 Hitler had made Germany the most powerful and feared country in Europe (and perhaps in the world).

He achieved all of this without war (and there are now some historians who state that had he died in 1938 before the mass executions began, he would have gone down in history as the greatest statesman in the history of the German people)” (John Lukacs). Supporters of Hitler still exist. It’s not likely that a group of Nazi sympathizers could ever gain much power in todays world, due to the spread of technology. Some admire his power and achievements, and others feel strongly about his views on anti semitism and German Nationalism (John Lukacs). Conclusion Adolf Hitler was once one of the most feared people on this earth.

He ended the lives of many, and threatened those of many others. He used his power of speech to enthrall thousands of people in his Nazi dream of superiority. Everybody should know about what Hitler did, to keep history from repeating itself. Resources Unknown. “The ‘Final Solution'”.

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