Being an Auditor

Many good jobs in this day and age are hard to come by. They are available but picked up in the blink of an eye. People are desperate for money and basic functions of living. One of the few good jobs that is plentiful and always needed to succeed is the job of an auditor.

Some people may argue that this job is boring and unbearable, but many others go against this and are very successful with the job. To be good and successful at this job requires hard work and time. As a student in college trying to become an auditor you want to try to take classes in math, and at least earn a bachelors degree before you complete your schooling. With more than a bachelors degree you can go far in an auditing firm and eventually become a Partner which is the highest position you can be in. Becoming a CPA (certified public accountant) will help you find better jobs with better firms.

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As far as salary and benefits go it’s very varied. It is different for each company and each work type. For usual auditors the starting pay is $50-60,000. Although this is the basic starting pay, you usually get paid more as you get more time and more experience. This can be the case with many jobs but in this job it comes faster. After some experience in your firm you can split off for your clients, and eventually advance with them and sometimes become as high as a CFO.

(Chief Financial Officer) For vacation time you usually get around two to three weeks, and for healthcare you get dental and health insurance. For the usual days work you have to write financial reports having to do with the operating procedures for the companies which are being audited. You have to review data having to do with net worth, capital stock, income and more. You will have to determine the status of the company financially and write a letter under the name of your firm and send it as confirmation of your accountants to your clients. To be good at this job you have to be very patient, good at math, and have a very strategic mind to figure out how to check accountants work.

Overall skills and ideas are sometimes better for auditors than experience. Even with skills and experience you really have to be strategic to figure out how to confirm what the accountants have stated. With this job trait you have to work hard and you have to be able to lead, be organized, and work well with others. Auditors have to have organizational skills, strategic thinking, and be able to decide on things easily and very quickly. Also, auditors have to be able to have risk and problem solving skills, while also having leadership and strong work ethic.

For all the skills needed for the job of an auditor you also have to put in the work for it. Although a CPA and a bachelor’s degree can help you get into the basic job status it is much more effective to get a higher degree and have longer experience in the job. An auditor is a strategic job that is not boring and gets good pay and has plentiful jobs. It is a good way to make a living and a good starting point to make your way up in the social society of today’s working class and also a way to keep away from economic struggle of the growing unemployment rate of the community around you.