Ben Carson In-Depth

Ben Carson Have you ever heard of the someone say “Maybe a new set of eyes could help” in any situation. Well, Ben Carson has and he launched his career in the political world because of it. All the way up to 2013, Ben Carson was a neurosurgeon at John Hopkins University. From graduating Yale university to being he first surgeon to separate conjoined twins, Dr. Ben Carson has lived a fulfilling life.

When Ben Carson spoke at the non-partisan National Prayer Breakfast, he had no idea about the world he was getting into because Barak Obama himself was sitting in that audience listening to his speech. After his well-spoken speech, Ben Carson gained a momentum because in thataudience, Barak Obama was sitting there listening. Ben Carson was an original front runner because of this momentum. Carson was also liked greatly because he was an outsider who didn’t think in the same way as most of the other candidates. People thought that if they had a president who didn’t think like a regular politician maybe things might be different.

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Ben Carson would have had everybody’s vote if it weren’t for the fact that his policies were not the most popular. Ben Carson’s downfall started during the first republican debate. Ben Carson had a problem when it came to speaking out. During the debates, he lost his popularity/momentum because he didn’t speak out which caused Americans to gain a liking for other candidates. Even though he is now considered a long shot, he was and still is an amazing man who has accomplished many things in his life.

Now Ben Carson is appealing to the Republicans who want a candidate outside the usual politicians. He is a very smart guy who we might see again in four years. Ben Carson mighty be out of the election, but his name will resonate in everybody’s mind because he is a unique person with a “new set of eyes.”