Bergen-Belsen Death Camp

In the mist of the sad days at the Bergen-Belsen Dealth Camp many died; some worse then others. Some soilders were ruthless and enjoyed the suffering of others. No one had a heart but some people showed little sympathy “I tried to get medicines and food for the prisnors and I failed, but I was doing my duty”(Freddie Knoller).

Bergen-Belsen horrified the world. People were treated like dirt for example, people actually picked lice off of each other like monkeys. Bergen-Belsen lies between Bergen and Belsen Germany. Execution was brutal and horrific. Liberation was rare yet it did happen. It was a nightmare you couldn’t wake up from even as hard as you pinched.

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Purpose and creation/description Bergen-Belsen was not always a death camp you know in fact it was created to be a prisnor of war camp for the captured French. Later on when it became a death camp in 1940 Nazis used the Jews as exchanges and deals with allies. The death camp was created in at a time. The camp was the 2nd biggest death camp created and if you wanted a little extra fact Auschwitz was the first. Present day Bergen-Belsen is a landmark now that is preserved as a memorial. Bergen-Belsen was huge they had miles upon miles of land there was a monster size barbed wire that surrounded the whole camp.

Eventually the camp was taken over by the S.S, later on the cruel camp was renamed “Detion Camp”. Food and water was usually unsanitary and gross. The camp was beyond filthy it was grungy and smelly. At first it was used only for prisnors then it became a regualar death camp it should have just been left as a prisnor of war camp. Northwest Germany and it got its name because the death camp lies between Bergen and Belsen Germany.

The camp was dived into several sub camps some violent then others but still all gruesome. Bergen-Belsen held at least 20,000 prisnors