Bertha Mason as a Symbol

Bertha Mason is the symbol of what everyone can become. She can be cold at times, so cold that she goes through peoples things, and tries to kill them.

She can be passionate, yet hard hearted at the same time. Most of the time people notice the insanity first and the passion next, but the insanity overshadows the passion. Everyone can become cold, and passionate. They can love their husbands one day and the next they can forget all about them and love another. Leaving the husband in a house full of memoirs they don’t want. Everyone has the possibility of becoming insane.

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It could be because by an outside force such is the case of most people. It could be a chemical in balance like it is with Bertha Mason. She was insane the day that Mr. Rochester and she got married. You can hide the fact that you’re insane for a little time.

But like in the movie it comes out. When she got home she came to Thornwood she started to act out, even a little before that. Bertha Mason is the symbol of the insanity that lies in wake, in the hearts of all men, the insanity that leads to the death of yourself and all around you.