BIBCOCK Case Study

Besides, it would help the company to get to know the needs of the customers and expectations. It might also provide better financial ATA. 2) In BIBCOCK way, the company’s vision and strategy are translated into a long-term corporate strategic plan, which in turn is used to design the corporate strategy map.

I think it helps the IT department align its goals with it because the balanced scorecards help the departments look beyond their own operation and enhance their cooperation with each other and IT department is not an exception.

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Using the cascade of balance for each department and knowing how the strategies should be done and assessed in different levels help analyzing the performance of the department; hence for IT department, it helps to have clear ways and meet the Meany’s demand for the business plan of the company. Therefore; IT has an Important role to enhance the communication and cooperation among the departments and make the new way more adjustable for the company. 3) It highly depends on the strategy and vision of a company.

But in my point of view; it is hard for a big companies to adjust to this plan because this plan needs the full integration and communication among the departments and large company mostly are decentralized and integration among them are difficult.

So if a large company Ants to implement BIBCOCK approach, it must be more centralized and increase the Integration. Also it should modify and removed some strategic initiatives and use some metrics to make adjustments which need clear strategy and strong tactics. ) The main responsibility of the BIBCOCK Way was on the prior CEO and by changing it, and introducing the new one, the idea of the BIBCOCK Way may be changed and as a result it would be successful or not. It depends on the opinion of the new CEO; but if he or she continues the strategy it seems the CEO would be successful regarding to the prior results and even the CEO can improve the plane to make the departments and company more organized, focused and cooperative.