Blood Queen or Successful Ruler

Was Queen Mary Tudor only “Bloody Mary” just in cause of the 284 people she had executed, or was she also an intelligent, talented leader that became the first queen of England? Because of her determination, military skills, and political proficiency, Queen Mary Tudor I of England was a force to be reckoned with. Because joining a bandwagon is extremely hard to refuse, Mary Tudor of England’s determination was evident when she refused to recognise her father as “Supreme Head”, as everyone else at that time was. Mary Tudor, at this time, was recently declared illegitimate by her own father, King Henry of England. An author on englishhistory.

net explained, “Since she had raised her daughter to be equally devout, Mary [too,] refused to acknowledge both the Church and her father’s position as Supreme Head. […]Mary was equally disgraced. Now a bastard, declared such by Parliament, she was denied any communication with her mother and made lady-in-waiting to Anne and Henry’s daughter, Elizabeth.

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“Through this representation of her determination it is easily noticeable that even through the toughest times she stuck to her mind and didn’t give in. Mary Tudor demonstrated her military skills when she led her forces to capture Saint-Quentin, a battle in which thousands of French troops were killed and thousands more captured, including their commander Anne de Montmorency, which required great military skills to accomplish. Around this time era there was a raging war against France that was reaching a climax. “[..

.]in August 1557 English and Spanish forces captured Saint-Quentin, an action in which some 3,000 French troops were killed and 7,000 captured, including their commander Anne de Montmorency, the constable of France.” Through this trial great military skills were required to lead her army their amazing success that seemed to guarantee success in the war. Political Proficiency manifested itself when Queen Maryhad escaped capture and overthrew government, she proved at a time of trouble that she was many things. This era of time was a hard time for England, political troubles were arising.

An author on historyextra explains,”Mary had led the only successful revolt against central government in 16th-century England. She had eluded capture, mobilised a counter-coup and, in the moment of crisis, proved courageous, decisive and politically adept.” Queen Mary Tudor’s attempts to save England politicly should not be treated trivial in cause of those acts truly saving the political part of England. In conclusion, even through the hardest of times Queen Mary Tudor continued to be an amazing leader in her determination, military influence and political proficiency. Determined or strong-headed, her highness always stuck to her opinion. She used all of her might to lead her country into a great nation.

Mary Tudor is a success in some eyes, not just a tyrant.