Breaking it down.

In preschool the first person you meet is your best friend. In elementrary school you learn long division. In middle school you finally get to stop walking in lines, atleast for the most part.

In highschool everything you have learned and done in previous schooling is thrown away because You have just been invited to attend a full 4 year party. We will have drugs, fights,sex, peer pressure, school,sports and a whole lot of fun. Inside you will walk amongst new faces of approval or rejection. You can act fearless or you can be scared. You’ll look confident and stand tall or you’ll try to hide and be small. You’ll jump up and down to the beats of drugs and sex.

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You’ll dance to peer pressure or fall out because your uncomfortable. You’ll drink to having the biggest, baddest fight or you can just sip on water. You can give em sum dap after they just highlighted the record they just broke in track or you can just go home. You will sit on the leather couch with the best of them or you can stand with the worst of them. You can laugh with the D the majority got on her test or quietly acknowledge your A. You can break the rules or you can stay in school.

You can be his girl on the side or you can be by yourself. You can either fight back or sit back. They can watch you run from the cops or watch you try and not get in any fights. You can cheers to community college or not drink at all. You can play the 2.5 GPA or sit out with your 3.5 You can do whatever, but your consequences are your own.