Bristol cars case study

Describe the method of production used by Bristol Cars. After reading the background of Bristol Cars, I truly believe that the company is having a Job production, where it involves creating an individual product for a specific customer. It is done by the specific requirements of the person who ordered this luxury car.

The brand is really exclusive, which means that the brand only produce a certain amount of this cars in a certain period of time.

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It is completed by a team. Also, it is Job production because the quality of the production for the car is highly skilled, it is unique, but also it takes time to produce it. So, all the mention above are characteristics that the brand has, which related to the Job production method. However, the production of this cars, adds more value to it. ) Examine the consequences of this production method for these stakeholders: a) Bristol Cars Shareholders: They take time to make each car, so customers pay it ring that period of time. However, during that time, Bristol Cars company still needs to pay for its ongoing costs.

As a consequence, this will have a harm of the firm’s cash flow position. B) Employees of Bristol Cars: There is motivation for workers because they feel proud of what they have done with it. Also, the uniqueness makes the employees have team spirit.

The Job production tends to be labor intensive because it takes a lot of time o produce one exclusive car, so it means that they have time consuming due to the ‘raying and specific requirements of customers. Z) Customers of Bristol: Customers will be satisfied for the final product of the car. They are willing to wait until the car is ready and accomplishes every detail that the brand has.

Customers are willing to pay high costs in order to have a classic and British car. They will have a highly and personalized customer service before and after purchasing the car.