British Telecom Case Study

SOOT analysis was conducted to show the state of BET in business as a brand and its opportunities in new technology and markets in contrast to the decreased volume of fixed calls and another problem to resolve the huge amount of debts.

Finally, the critical success factors for BET and strategies to reach the corporate goals were analyses and based on that we proposed a specific Information system to support each of the level of the management process named as “Marketing Information System”, which is a kind of Decision Support System upon information requirements of British Telecommunications.

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The mall findings on BET research and its goals suggest that Bat’s mall focus is on improving customer satisfaction through the strategies of Intelligent pricing and aggressive and creaking marketing and enhancing the number of broadband subscribers. Hence, a Marketing Information System (Miss) was obviously the best alternative upon the goals of the company since there is a need for information about the future of the markets, industry and the company to overcome the huge threat of future innovations.

Consequently, the belief of our group Is that the Information system proposed (Mass) an help BET continue its competitive advantage over rivals and prepare BET for the uncertain nature of future. 1 INTRODUCTION Information systems are transforming the way the businesses are conducted and now ten products Ana services are approval.

We need a Drama comprehension tout information systems in order to achieve higher levels of productivity and effectiveness in factories and offices.

In this assignment we are going to identify and analyze the major telecommunication company in Europe, British Telecommunication (BET) through its key elements, mission tenement, key business process and environmental factors, as wells as, strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities to the organization and the critical success factors involved. Finally, based on the above analysis we are going to propose a specific information system to support each of the level of the management upon information requirements of British Telecommunication.

Sector: Services Industry: Communication Services Services: BET is a UK wide communications solutions provider with a global reach in the business market. Employees: 99,900 Competitors: Cable & Wireless Pl – CAP, Deutsche Telecoms GAG – DOT, France Telecoms – Historical Development: The British Telecoms begins with the introduction of the first commercial telegraph service in the nineteenth century.

At that time, the state was controlling all the telegraph and telephone. All the telegraph companies were submitted to the Post Office Company control.

The United Kingdom telegraph and telephone services were provided by the General Post Office (GPO) in competition with a few private companies. In 1896, the GPO took over the private sector, becoming the monopoly supplier of telegraph and telephone services in 1912. The GPO ran and plopped the British Telephone sector till 1965, at that time, the British Government established a “Steering Group on the Organization of the Post Office”, the GPO was divided into five different divisions: Post Services, Telecommunications, Saving, Girl and National Data Processing Services.

The British Telecoms Act.

1981 , transformed the responsibility for telecommunications services from the Post Office, in respect of introduce competition into the I-J telecommunication market, also other operator got license to run and develop telecommunications systems, as the public telephone network and instruments applied to the market. The strategies of alliances provided to BET a structure of a telecommunication corporation. Moreover, In 2 I made puddle plans to set tout AT Tile Deterrent business expansions: BET Retail, BET Wholesale, BET Global, BET Openwork, BET Exact.

BET Group has re-focused its core activities on voice and data customers primarily based in the I-J and elsewhere in Europe – a fiercely competitive market but one in which Bat’s businesses have a wealth of expertise on which to build. These business units are: BET Global Services – Bat’s global managed services and solutions provider, serving lit-site organizations world-wide.

BET Wholesale – runs Bat’s networks and provides network services and solutions to other communication companies.