Bull S Case Study Eagle Manufacturing

Eagle Manufacturing Company is paying him a lot of money. Red is under huge amount of stress due to his department’s low performance.

Red was able to put together a great team but they are overworked and underpaid for their services. He morale within Tee’s department is low and some of his employees have decided o resign and seek employment with other companies. Department projections have reached a 9% rate for late deliveries. Departments have begun to blame other departments for their specific problems; I. E.

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Production is blaming incoming materials for production numbers falling behind. II. MAJOR PROBLEMS: Morning relationships, communication, and collaboration between different departments of the organization are strained.

The department heads have no trust amongst each other and definitely do not have a team concept to ensure the overall company excels or is successful. Morale within Tee’s department is beginning to Enkindle and spiral out to control due to lack to gratification and being overworked red’s department has no strategic planning established within the department; resulting in his department always being in a reactive mode to issues.

Those who fail to plan should plan to fail.

The company is having problems delivering quality products on time. Customer satisfaction is low due to the company not being able to meet delivery dates and times as agreed upon. Ill. SOLUTIONS: red Jones should recommend to the rest of the team leads that establishing an effective supply chain management system in the organization will minimize most of the company’s issues. Mr.

. Jones will have to repair/improve his working relationships and establish better lines of communication with the other department heads.

This can be accomplished by having Pits/working groups established for all the department heads so they can synchronize all their effort to achieve success. Mr..

Ones should reach out to his customers and analyze what purchases they make on a more frequent basis and then this will allow him the ability to get a better handle on livery dates for all transaction requirements. Best Solution: Hybrid of Solution A and B (Establish Supply Chain Management and incorporate Integrated Product reams (PIT) a.

Solution: Establish Supply Chain Management into the organization; this seems to be the best solution that encompasses and addresses a majority of the issues faced by Mr.. Ted Jones. In addition, this is probably the most cost effective approach that will not send the company into bankrupt trying to meet the President’s overall goals and objectives.

Advantages: Integrating an efficient supply chain management system enables the company to meet their customer’s need in a timely manner.

The company will be able to deliver their products quicker to the customer and not risk the loss of profits for failure to deliver on time. A supply chain management system will minimize Ted Jones always being in a react mode to every crisis. This system will force Mr.. Jones to create a strategic plan/outlook for his division so as problems arise he will have a better awareness of the crisis to prevent as many of them as possible.

Supply chain management postures the company in way that will allow them to offer services at lower cost than other companies.

Improve supplier and manufacturer relationship Inch entails improves customer satisfaction that will lead to overall business growth. Disadvantages: Supply chain management is a heavy investment of time, money, and resources needed to implement; it is not a quick process Requires buy-in from all involved departments and all department leaders will have to contribute to the system in order for it to be successful. The process/system has to be handled correctly and elucidate to prevent lowering the morale of other departments while transiting to the new process. B.

Solution: Repair strained working relationships by scheduling weekly staff meetings with all department leads and develop Integrated Product Teams OPT) Advantages: A weekly staff meeting will give the company an opportunity to synchronize cross domain efforts so each department can share pertinent information to the other departments.

Also, they can discuss current issues and work as a team to come up Ninth creative solutions. Improves communication amongst teams Enhances team-building PIT can allow a team to adjectively resolve many issues bettor they become a problem.

By allowing every department lead to access and have input into the overall project, the danger of having unexpected delays or errors is drastically reduced. Effective participation in an PIT can reduce cost, time and difficulty of any project, no matter its scale. Disadvantages: Meekly staff meetings or PIT working groups can be a burden on weekly work schedules and have a negative impact on work productivity for an organization Challenges with trying to synchronize everyone’s work schedule so they can attend he meetings.

Time consuming – meetings that are not productive are the biggest “asset of time within any organization. Pits can potentially conflict with other pressing/prioritize requirements within an organization. Information from the Pits or staff meeting may not filter down to the other employees within each department. Ere implementation of this hybrid solution could be a challenge, but in order for this approach to be successful; Mr..

Jones will have to repair the damaged relationships and improve on the lack of communication amongst department heads first before anything.

Communication is one of the most important elements for an organization to be successful and to smoothly transition an organization into a supply chain management system. Supply chain management at Eagle Manufacturing will require all upper management to support this effort, comprehend the benefits, and be willing to compromise on educating all interested parties on this new system. Also, during this transition all employees will have to be educated and included in this strategy since this will be a new way of doing business within Eagle Manufacturing.

A great Nay to educate employees on a new system is to design a training program that will Identify each involved department or person’s role to ensure success and possibly minimize resistance to change.

When implementing any new change within an organization it is beneficial to establish a strategic road map that includes milestones and a detailed schedule for achieving each milestone. The strategic plan must also include the goals and objectives of what Eagle Manufacturing wants to accomplish Ninth this new concept.

It is imperative that upper management analyze all associated risks that can potentially be encountered why implementing this new concept. Lastly, Mr..

Jones will have to conduct thorough follow-ups, as a supply chain manager he is obligated to improve trust between supply chain partners and his organization. Ted must make sure that the work from the supply management system is being done correctly, efficiently, and constantly. These actions will assist the organization on ensuring that they have enough quantity of needed products on hand for customers and that problems are handled in a timely manner.