Bus 210 Week 6 Motivation and Team Case Study

Case study one The motivation in this case study is the Expectancy Theory. Theory states that the motivation of employees depends upon whether or not they believe that performing at a high level will lead to the reward they desire. Mary Ellen Sheets the owner of Two Men and a Truck did this when she started franchising the business. Sheets wanted everyone who invested in a franchise to succeed as she did.

Sheets opened a school that taught the owners of the franchise and the employees everything from how to answer the phones properly, how to move large furniture in tricky areas, and how to handle their finances.Sheets method accomplished two things. The first was to help the new owners succeed quickly and second it taught them how to self-manage themselves. Case study two The motivation in this study is Goal Setting Theory. Klaus Klienfeld had goals for the new department that he was taking over and it was up to him to make the employee’s see that they would benefit from his idea.

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He needed them to realize that by increasing productivity they would be able to complete with other workforces outside of Germany. Once they agreed he was able to turn the Medical Dept. nto a profitable one. Klienfeld held 10 different jobs within the company in 17 years as a manager he was cross functional, which as an employee you can relate better to a person who has held your position. Klienfeld had the ability to be able to see the issue as a worker would.

When he took over a department he would use functional teams to create a managerial team that would be able to self-manage. Klienfeld team created a “TopPlus program that would apply strict standards to managers in order to fix or prune marginal business. “