Business case study Viper

What is different about this assembly plant compared to more typical auto assembly plants? Ere Viper/Prowler assembly plant is much smaller than typical automobile assembly plants. The plant covers 392,000 square feet of space as opposed to other typical auto assembly plants that cover from 2 million square feet to 5 million square feet of The production capacity of the Viper plant is much less than a typical space. Automobile assembly line. The Viper plant’s daily production capacity is 13 Vipers and 20 Prowlers compared to large automobile assembly plants that can manufacture 1000 vehicles per day.

While most large automobile plants require 2000 or more workers, the Viper plant employs only 260 employees. The Viper plant employs skilled “craftsman” workers. Typical auto assembly plants use workers to do repetitive work with little skill required. There are no robots or automation in the Viper plant while most auto assembly plants have high levels of automation. The viper plant uses early 20th century manual assembly techniques on two manual, parallel, relatively short (12 work stations and 720 feet long) assembly lines with onerous idle time built in.

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Typical assembly lines usually involve the use of robots, large number of workstations and very little idle time.

This assembly plant, speed of line is lower (45 minute stops at each work station vs.. Approximately 1 minute in most other assembly plants). Why do you suppose there are no robots or other automation? Ere reasons for not having robots or other automation include the following: There seems to be more customization in making it difficult to use robots. Also, robots are usually used for fixing, which is not used for aluminum bodies of Prowler ND Viper.

Chrysler Corporation wants to reveal a high quality image of two handcrafted automobile models that is generally more expensive and pleasing to high-income individuals.

The personal attention to the customers is part of the marketing package related to both products. The company also wants to draw attention to this facility and the two car models (Viper and Prowler) manufactured at this facility because it is an unusual and attractive automobile manufacturing facility. Chrysler Corporation is hoping that drawing attention to improve the general goodwill associated with the company.