Business Case study Pantaloons India

Solution to the case study: Pantaloons India is one of the largest retail in India and by having an information system in place the company could operate very efficiently. By implementing an information system say by making use of online shopping kind,the pantaloon store can easily get the feedback of what is the local taste of the people and also get the information about the color,size what they like. And hence when the changes are made it would definitely be successful rather than any mistakes. E will also have a Information system made available at each level which will be able to collect the related information and finally integrate all these systems to make it one big information system.

Which actually becomes the backbone that supports all the management activities of the company. Firstly we will look at the key parts of the company which contributes to the company’s overall performance. They are the suppliers who supply the goods that are sold through pantaloons. Hinted which includes the transport for shipping the goods from the warehouse to the respective retail shops, customer sales which include all the details of customer transactions. And finally the finance department which constitutes all these above mentioned parts of the company containing the financial information.

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With the help of Information System the company’s CEO and MD can easily go though the Dashboards and Scorecards,which give the description about the complete scenario taking place currently.

So that the long term decision can be taken wisely. The information to be collected are who are the suppliers,what is the demand for a particular product,Len Inch region is that product fast moving,Should also keep a note on the current product stock available and replenish them when the stocks go down to a bare minimum level. Expenditure. To look after the above mentioned process we implement an information system which provides functionalities and tools to handle data regarding stock and the suppliers.

By doing this we will be able to keep track of the products which are in stock and which are out of stock and also replenish them as soon as possible which in-turn minimizes Keeping a note over the stock available is very much important because,if it is not governed properly then it may lead to Chaos,which means the product which has lot of demand may be out of stock and the product which would rarely get sold might be full of stock.

Which intern leads to more expenditure spent on the Shipping process for the required products. F a proper maintenance is made by checking the available stock then , The products can be shipped poorly which would minimize the the overhead costs caused by the delays in product delivery from the supplier. Ninth the help of Information System we not only achieve the above mentioned criteria. But also we get know more about the Customer likes and dislikes,which will help in selling the products what the customer wants rather than selling the reduces to customer of what goods we have and try to create an artificial demand for the products what we have,which may mostly lead to failure.

Also we can maintain a good customer relationship system,which helps to maintain the goodwill of the customer and also we will keep note on the key customers who more often shop, we will intimate them with new arrivals and also any discounts provided over the products. And by the help of information system we will get a pattern kind in the customer relationship system ,Example about product shift from one brand to another.

Which means that when the customers are more likely preferring a particular brand say “A” then we must see to it that we have enough stock of product ‘A” else shipping should be made priority. Elf we have another product say “B” where in IS sold often then we better minimize the supply of the particular product “B” and Shipment only those products which are more sold. Hence,As conclusion: ay implementing the strategy of deploying the information system as mentioned above we are able to make better decisions with more accuracy and precision there by reducing overhead costs.