call of duty BO3

Black Ops III The rating for the new Call of duty Black ops III blew through the roof and it was called the best game ever made… for Xbox One. Now that is what I am missing the Xbox One because I just thought that if it was great for Xbox One it would also be great for Xbox 360, but I was wrong. It broke my heart when I found out how many downfalls this game has for Xbox 360.

The game was very poorly made. These downfalls I would say are very big and I am not going to let them trick you as they have tricked me into thinking the Xbox 360 version is just as good by telling you the problems that include the graphics, features, and lastly the servers. First is the lousy graphics. In every other Call of Duty the cars explode or you can shoot propane barrels but the cars don’t even explode on the Xbox 360 version for Black Ops III. Then, the rooms on Xbox One are filled with papers and computers and possibly an access crate with a gun in it but on Xbox 360 the room if you are lucky has one or two things in the whole room.

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But on the next gen consoles everything you can imagine happens they have exploding everything and every room is filled with stuff like computers, papers, pictures, skylights, and everything you could imagine being in a room. The graphics may be absolutely terrible but some people get more mad when they don’t get all the features as they do on Xbox One. Next up is the features which are garbage on the Xbox 360 game. Like for example the Xbox One game edition has a campaign, zombies, and multiplayer while the Xbox 360 edition has only zombies, and multiplayer. They say the reason for this is because Xbox 360 can’t do the special features in the campaign. Then there is no access crates or extensions to get anything cool as seen in the previous Call of Duty games.

So that means you won’t be finding anything unique in a crate or in the back of a car and that was one thing I always did like. I would look for sweet things to find, but now I guess I won’t be doing that. Sometimes these features don’t even matter because I can’t get into a game with the servers for Xbox 360. I would say that this is the worst thing about Call of Duty Black Ops III is the servers, they are absolutely terrible and I would say the worst ones in any Call of Duty. Servers are a computer program or a machine that waits for requests from other machines or software (clients) and responds to them and this game does not have great servers.Whenever I decide to get on and play I make sure I have a lot of time because I know it’s going to take over ten minutes to find a game.

Once I’m in a game it gets laggy and then it usually migrates host or kick everyone out of the whole game. Sometimes I get the luck of the irish and I get to stay the whole game but those chances are as slim as winning the powerball. The servers also make your game glitch and lag and that is the worst when you are in a tough situation and all of a sudden you spawn across the map. Once I finally just get over how bad the servers are I seem just to always find another error of Black ops III on Xbox 360. It really bums me out because if this Call of Duty was this bad I don’t even think I will buy another call of duty For my Xbox 360 therefore the effort put into the graphics, features, and servers are so poor. I feel that is why I am so disappointed and think you TOO would think this game is poorly made.

So now I know better not to buy next generation games for old generations like Xbox 360, So if you are really dying to buy this game I suggest you save up your money and buy an xbox one.