Calveta s Dining Services Case Study

Profitably grow, generating the funds needed to generate even greater growth in future years. The Promise Antonio retires and asks his son to promise: or double revenue by 5 years without betraying the corporate identity Frank Calvert says: ‘But after two years in this Job I still don’t have a credible strategy for meeting those two promises and also growing the business as aggressively as my father wants” Business Organization Chief Executive Officer 12 regions Sales & Marketing Operating Culinary Regional Vice President Director of Operations Up to 6 Area Managers

Account Directors Division President Area Vice Regional Regional Vice Account Managers Regional Chef Financial Human Resources Management Representative #3 Chef Director of Operations Manager #1 Account Managers Manager #2 Coordination Mechanisms Corporate level Direct supervision allergic hierarchy Organizational Chart Chief Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing Chief Operating Division President President, 9-6) lice President, Human Resources Chief Financial Coordination Mechanisms – 2 Operational level Mutual adjustments Site-specific towards custom service

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Standardization Skills Training Culture: Notation’s Way Organizational Chart – 2 Regional Director, Area Manager Problem 1 rhea structure is very fragmented Every supervisor follows too many accounts rhea organizational structure cannot keep the pace of new hires It is hard to stay close to the frontline Leadership is weakened Culture is affected Possible solution to Problem 1 Assign Self with similar features to a single Account Manager 0 Decreased fragmentation Less managerial staff Reduced costs CONS: Decreased customization of service Problem 2 Excessive personnel turnover

Calveta s Dining Services Case Study

Positive for workers’ motivation as they grow within the company 0 Gratification through mobility BUT: Quality decreases during break-in period Not very customer oriented ‘Last year we learned that they were going to reassign [the manager] but we told them, if she goes, we go. ” CUFF: Couch’s theory Z Possible solution to Problem 2 A different approach to career gratification Performance based bonuses Required minimum period in a given position before rotation PROS: Customers are happier Increased Job and site expertise Increased customer insight

Increased productivity and efficiency Some employees may not be happy with the new approach Loss of uniqueness in the employee treatment Problem 3 ‘l worry that employees are not getting the same level of commitment and strong leadership that they’ve received in the past.

If we are all so busy that we can not nurture our people, we have lost the magic that led to our success. ” Decreased focus towards Notation’s Way principles Fragmented structure makes it harder to convey the corporate message Possible solution to Problem 3 Unify personnel through renewed corporate directives