Can You Get Yourself Smarter?

Practice improves performance on almost every task humans engage in whether its learning to read or becoming a better dancer/actor.

If you train your attention and memory, you increase your basic cognitive skills that help you for many different things. No one gets good at something in one day; it takes time and energy to be superior in an art. As with anything, to become a dancer (or better yet, a top-notch dancer), you must do the training. Everyone must start from level 1 to reach level 100, right? No one can just say they are the best at something. For instance, being a dancer or being a writer, both takes much and much practice to become that top-notch dancer or that A+ student in writing.

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I would have to say that as my as to my comparison with how dance and writing do have similarities, as well as some differences. Overall, anything takes practice; no matter what you end up training for.